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What We Learned at Pro Tour Amonkhet

by Luis Scott-Vargas May 19 2017

Luis shares the metagame insights he gleaned from Pro Tour Amonkhet this past weekend.

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What to Expect at Pro Tour Amonkhet

by Luis Scott-Vargas May 11 2017

With Pro Tour Amonkhet happening this weekend, Luis recaps the decks he expects to see throughout the tournament.

Top Decks

Up and Down Standard: Amonkhet

by Luis Scott-Vargas May 3 2017

Luis makes his picks for which decks moved up the ladder and which took a step back with the release of Amonkhet.

How to Play Limited

Drafting Synergies in Amonkhet

by Luis Scott-Vargas April 25 2017

Luis Scott-Vargas loves synergies, and he's already sharing thoughts on building his favorite Limited Amonkhet archetypes.


X Factor: Planeswalker Edition

by Luis Scott-Vargas April 11 2017

X marks the spot with Luis's planeswalker preview card from Amonkhet!

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The Modern Landscape

by Luis Scott-Vargas March 7 2017

Luis provides an analysis of what is currently leading the Modern metagame environment for players looking to enter the fray.

Ways to Play

What I Love About Magic: The Challenge

by Luis Scott-Vargas February 24 2017

Luis reflects on what drew him into competitive Magic and how it has held his interest year after year.

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Driving the Metagame

by Luis Scott-Vargas February 10 2017

There's always a lot to digest coming out of the Pro Tour, and Luis examines what the results mean and what might be next.

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What to Expect at Pro Tour Aether Revolt

by Luis Scott-Vargas February 2 2017

With Pro Tour Aether Revolt happening this weekend, Luis breaks down the decks expected to make an appearance.

Top Decks

Up and Down Standard

by Luis Scott-Vargas January 27 2017

Luis shares his view of which cards are on the rise and which are descending as a new Standard environment takes shape.

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