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Making Magic

Aether Way, Part 1

by Mark Rosewater January 16 2017

Mark begins his series of card-by-card design stories for Aether Revolt!

Making Magic

A Revolting Development (and Design), Part 2

by Mark Rosewater January 9 2017

Mark wraps up his behind-the-scenes look at the development (and design) of Aether Revolt.

Making Magic

A Revolting Development (and Design), Part 1

by Mark Rosewater January 2 2017

Mark begins Aether Revolt Preview Week with a look at one of two new mechanics. Oh, and also a great new card!

Making Magic

"Can I Help You?"

by Mark Rosewater December 12 2016

Mark opens the phone logs of one of our creature talent agencies and gives us a glimpse at what it takes for an ability to go evergreen.

Making Magic

Topical Blend: Breaking News

by Mark Rosewater December 5 2016

Mark's sixth Topical Blend looks at how and when to break with tradition.

Making Magic

The Pit and the Pendulum

by Mark Rosewater November 28 2016

Mark explains the origin of one of his favorite metaphors.

Making Magic

Storm Scale: Zendikar and Battle for Zendikar

by Mark Rosewater November 21 2016

Mark rates the mechanics from the Zendikar and Battle for Zendikar blocks using his Storm Scale to see how likely each is to return.

Making Magic

Pie Fights

by Mark Rosewater November 14 2016

Mark breaks down the conflicts that exist within the color wheel and what makes them interesting.

Making Magic

A Few More Words from R&D

by Mark Rosewater November 7 2016

Mark reveals and discusses some of the internal keywords used during development.

Making Magic

Odds and Ends: Kaladesh, Part 3

by Mark Rosewater October 31 2016

Mark wraps up his foray into the Kaladesh mailbag, answering more questions about the set from fans.

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