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Beyond the Basics

Tales from Designing Commander (2017 Edition)

by Gavin Verhey August 17 2017

With Commander (2017 Edition) almost here, Gavin shares stories from behind the scenes.


Dragons, Dragons, and . . . Cat Dragons

by Gavin Verhey August 8 2017

Gavin shares some fiery preview cards from Commander (2017 Edition) and discusses the process behind the set's design.

Beyond the Basics

The Main Course

by Gavin Verhey August 3 2017

The main phase is so important, you get two every turn!

Beyond the Basics

The Touch of Death

by Gavin Verhey July 20 2017

Deathtouch is great at killing your opponent's creatures, and there are many, many ways to use it to your advantage on offense and defense.

Beyond the Basics

Drafting Your Sideboard

by Gavin Verhey July 13 2017

Sideboarding is clearly very important in Constructed games, but how should you go about building a sideboard in Limited?

Beyond the Basics

Let's Talk about Rares

by Gavin Verhey July 6 2017

No rare is worth playing a subpar Sealed deck for (excluding all exceptions, of course).


Hour of Devastation Prerelease Primer

by Gavin Verhey July 3 2017

Gavin has all the info you need to make the most of your Hour of Devastation Prerelease!

Beyond the Basics

Death to Planeswalkers

by Gavin Verhey June 29 2017

Planeswalkers can be tough to deal with, but Gavin's Hour of Devastation preview card brings them to their knees.

Beyond the Basics

Rhonas's Last Stand

by Gavin Verhey June 22 2017

What happens when a God exerts itself? Gavin has insights on using that power to your advantage.

Beyond the Basics

Hold Up!

by Gavin Verhey June 15 2017

Gavin sacrifices a Clue token and investigates when the best turn to play spells is across different scenarios.

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