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Beyond the Basics

Rhonas's Last Stand

by Gavin Verhey June 22 2017

What happens when a God exerts itself? Gavin has insights on using that power to your advantage.

Beyond the Basics

Hold Up!

by Gavin Verhey June 15 2017

Gavin sacrifices a Clue token and investigates when the best turn to play spells is across different scenarios.

Beyond the Basics

The Instances for Instants

by Gavin Verhey June 8 2017

Instants give you a lot of flexibility, but you should always think carefully about when to deploy them.

Beyond the Basics

The Five Trials of Playtesting

by Gavin Verhey June 1 2017

Gavin breaks down his ideal playtest process while reminiscing about the '90s and basketball.

Beyond the Basics

Enhancing Your Game

by Gavin Verhey May 24 2017

If you Aura person who likes enhancing your creatures on the battlefield, don't miss this week's enchanting Beyond the Basics!

Beyond the Basics

How to Build a Mana Curve

by Gavin Verhey May 18 2017

Building a proper mana curve helps ensure your deck always works as you intend it to at each stage of the game.

Beyond the Basics

How to Play on the Pro Tour

by Gavin Verhey May 11 2017

Playing on the Magic Pro Tour is a dream for many players, and Gavin has a few tips for how to make that dream a reality!

Beyond the Basics

Should You Cycle?

by Gavin Verhey May 4 2017

Is a card in the hand worth one off the top? Gavin has four questions to ask yourself to help you make that decision!

Beyond the Basics

Making a Splash

by Gavin Verhey April 26 2017

Splashing another color in Limited can be very tempting—and it's important to know when to go for it and when to stay the course.

Beyond the Basics

Tap, Tap . . . Oops!

by Gavin Verhey April 20 2017

How you tap your lands for mana may seem trivial, but it can have a profound effect on your games!

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