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An Update on Standard

by Sam Stoddard March 24 2017

To ban, or not to ban, that is the question.

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What Makes a Good Mechanic

by Sam Stoddard March 17 2017

What elevates a mechanic above the rest? Sam has the answer.

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Modern Masters 2017 Edition Mailbag

by Sam Stoddard March 10 2017

Sam dives back into his mailbag to answer reader questions about the development of Modern Masters 2017 Edition.

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Designing Modern Masters 2017

by Sam Stoddard March 3 2017

Sam discusses the intricacies and subtleties that go into designing a Masters set that many people may not be aware of.

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Complexity Creep

by Sam Stoddard February 24 2017

Over time, Magic has had a tendency to grow more and more complex. Sam looks at how R&D combats this trend to ensure Magic stays accessible.

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Aether Revolt Mailbag

by Sam Stoddard February 17 2017

Sam opens the mailbag to answer reader questions about Aether Revolt development.

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M-Files: Aether Revolt, Part 2

by Sam Stoddard February 10 2017

Sam finishes his trip through the M-Files for Aether Revolt.

Latest Developments

M-Files: Aether Revolt, Part 1

by Sam Stoddard February 3 2017

Sam begins his series of card-by-card development stories for Aether Revolt.

Latest Developments

Limited Power Versus Consistency

by Sam Stoddard January 27 2017

Is it better to have a powerful deck, or a consistent deck? Sam explains the ways in which R&D balances this question in Limited.

Latest Developments

Aiming at Modern

by Sam Stoddard January 20 2017

R&D might not fully test Standard-legal sets for Modern, but that doesn't mean they don't create some cards with the older format in mind.

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