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Amonkhet and Standard Mailbag

by Sam Stoddard May 26 2017

Sam dives back into his mailbag to answer reader questions about the development of Amonkhet and some other Standard cards.

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Developing Cycles

by Sam Stoddard May 19 2017

Cycling is one of Magic's most beloved and deep mechanics, and Sam has some insight on how to develop cards with it.

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M-Files: Amonkhet, Part 2

by Sam Stoddard May 12 2017

Sam finishes his series of card-by-card development stories for Amonkhet.

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M-Files: Amonkhet, Part 1

by Sam Stoddard May 5 2017

Sam begins his series of card-by-card development stories for Amonkhet.

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Developing Embalm and Aftermath

by Sam Stoddard April 28 2017

Sam explains how two of the mechanics in Amonkhet took the same inspiration in very different directions.

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Long Hard Road to Print

by Sam Stoddard April 21 2017

This week, Sam looks at why very few of the cards created by R&D make it through to print.

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Development Questions with Amonkhet

by Sam Stoddard April 14 2017

Sam answers a few of the questions the development team asked itself while creating Amonkhet.

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Amonkhet in Standard

by Sam Stoddard April 7 2017

With the release of Amonkhet only a few weeks away, Sam looks ahead at how the set will affect the Standard environment.

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Cycling Duels

by Sam Stoddard March 31 2017

Sam has a cycle of early previews to show off to set the stage for the rest of Amonkhet!

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An Update on Standard

by Sam Stoddard March 24 2017

To ban, or not to ban, that is the question.

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