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Cycle of Torment

by Melissa DeTora June 23 2017

Melissa reintroduces herself and shows off a punishing cycle from Hour of Devastation.

How to Build

Zombies Reloaded

by Melissa DeTora July 8 2016

Will Zombies take center stage when Eldritch Moon enters the fray? Melissa's preview card makes a compelling argument.

Ways to Play

Shadows over Innistrad Cube All-Stars

by Melissa DeTora June 14 2016

Melissa scours Shadows over Innistrad to find the cards most likely to make their way into your cube.

How to Build

Building Your First Cube

by Melissa DeTora December 27 2016

With Eternal Masters on the way, now is a great time to try building a cube, and Melissa has all the tips you need to ensure it's a terrific one!

How to Play Limited

Drafting 101: Understanding Signals

by Melissa DeTora April 12 2016

Booster Draft can be very intimidating at first glance, but Melissa has a few tips that will help you find success in the format.

Top Decks

How to Solve New Standard Formats

by Melissa DeTora December 21 2016

Standard is going to be rotating more often, so Melissa is here to give you a head start on solving each new format.

How to Play Limited

Khans Cube All-Stars

by Melissa DeTora March 1 2016

Melissa breaks down some of the best cards from Khans of Tarkir to include in your cube.

Top Decks

Tuning Top Modern Decks for Budget Players

by Melissa DeTora February 19 2016

Modern can be a daunting format for new Magic players. Thankfully Melissa is here with more accessible versions of some high-quality decks.

How to Play Limited

What the Pros Think of Oath of the Gatewatch Limited

by Melissa DeTora February 3 2016

Melissa checks in with a few pro players to gauge what they think of the new set in Limited play.

How to Build

How to Build Like a Pro

by Melissa DeTora February 2 2016

If you're looking to build a tournament-quality deck, tips from a pro player as good as Melissa are a great way to start!

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