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Making History at Grand Prix Minneapolis

by Melissa DeTora August 18 2017

Grand Prix Minneapolis was a tournament of firsts for Melissa—and for professional Magic coverage in general!

Play Design

Philosophy of Combo

by Melissa DeTora August 4 2017

What is "combo," and how does R&D balance it? Melissa puts the pieces together.

Play Design

FFL 101: How We Build Decks

by Melissa DeTora July 28 2017

Melissa (with help from Andrew Brown) explains how the Play Design team builds decks for the Future Future League.

Play Design

The M-Files: Hour of Devastation, Part 2

by Melissa DeTora July 21 2017

Melissa continues her commentary on the commentary inside the Hour of Devastation card file.

Play Design

The M-Files: Hour of Devastation, Part 1

by Melissa DeTora July 14 2017

Melissa dives into our internal database to begin her series of card-by-card stories for Hour of Devastation.

Play Design

Designing Hour of Devastation Cards to Meet FFL Goals

by Melissa DeTora July 7 2017

Melissa shares a behind-the-scenes look at how the Play Design team uses Future Future League playtesting to balance Standard.

Play Design

Designing Deserts for Draft and Standard

by Melissa DeTora June 30 2017

Melissa explains how R&D went about implementing a Deserts-matter theme in Hour of Devastation.

Play Design

Cycle of Torment

by Melissa DeTora June 23 2017

Melissa reintroduces herself and shows off a punishing cycle from Hour of Devastation.

How to Build

Zombies Reloaded

by Melissa DeTora July 8 2016

Will Zombies take center stage when Eldritch Moon enters the fray? Melissa's preview card makes a compelling argument.

Ways to Play

Shadows over Innistrad Cube All-Stars

by Melissa DeTora June 14 2016

Melissa scours Shadows over Innistrad to find the cards most likely to make their way into your cube.

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