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How to Play Limited

Drafting Synergies in Hour of Devastation

by Kenji Egashira July 11 2017

It's not easy to build a synergistic deck in Limited formats, but Kenji has some tips on how to do it in Hour of Devastation.

Top Decks

Running the Gauntlet: Pro Tour Amonkhet

by Kenji Egashira May 18 2017

With Pro Tour Amonkhet behind us, Kenji has a new Running the Gauntlet to summarize how he sees the current Standard meta game.

How to Play Limited

Drafting Amonkhet

by Kenji Egashira April 25 2017

Kenji looks at the main mechanics of Amonkhet and offers some advice on how they should influence your Draft choices.

Card Preview

Wayward Enigmas

by Kenji Egashira April 12 2017

Kenji has two Amonkhet preview cards to show off, and he can't wait to try them out in Standard and Limited.

How to Play Limited

How To Draft Modern Masters 2017 Edition

by Kenji Egashira March 8 2017

Kenji breaks down how he would go about drafting the ally color pairs in Modern Masters 2017 Edition.

Ways to Play

What I love About Magic: The Engagement

by Kenji Egashira February 21 2017

Whether you're playing at home with your closest friends or meeting new people at a tournament, Magic is built around social interaction.

Magic Digital

Cool Combos and Delicious Decks: Pro Tour Aether Revolt

by Kenji Egashira February 7 2017

Kenji shows off some of the coolest decks to come out of the Pro Tour.

How to Play Limited

The Kaladesh Limited Up and Down

by Kenji Egashira January 10 2017

You may have mastered Kaladesh Limited from top to bottom, but the whole environment is about to change with Aether Revolt!

Magic Digital

The Standard Showdown Gauntlet

by Kenji Egashira December 13 2016

Kenji test drives a few decklists to help you decide what to play at the last round of the Standard Showdown.Kenji test drives a few decklists to help you decide what to play at the last round of...

How to Build

How to Build with White

by Kenji Egashira December 6 2016

Kenji sits down with white to showcase why it's a powerhouse in Standard.

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