Magic 2015 Intro Pack Decklists

Posted in Arcana on July 9, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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The Magic 2015 Prerelease is this weekend, and there's little more exciting than the opportunity to play with a new set by cracking packs and playing in Sealed Prereleases.

But let's not forget that there's another way to play on Prerelease weekend. During Prerelease events at your local store, you can also purchase one of five Intro Packs to play in Open Dueling. The Intro Packs will be available for a long time in stores after the Prerelease, so don't worry if you're not able to attend an event this weekend—you can still get your hands on any or all of the Intro Packs.

So what do you get with one of these Intro Packs? Glad you asked! Now that the full Magic 2015 set is revealed, we can show you the decklists for each of the five decks.


Price of Glory

0 Cards

Hit the Ground Running

0 Cards

Infernal Intervention

0 Cards

Flames of the Dragon

0 Cards

Will of the Masses

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