Day Two Stage 1 Pools

Posted in Event Coverage on August 2, 2013

By Event Coverage Staff

Below are the pools for the start of Day Two at the World Magic Cup. Teams will play round robin within their pool during the Return to Ravnica Team Sealed Deck rounds to start the day.

After those rounds are complete, the top two teams from each pool will be placed in four new pools to play three rounds of Team Unified Standard.

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4
1) Ireland 2) Singapore 3) United States 4) France
16) Estonia 15) South Africa 14) Venezuela 13) Thailand
17) Croatia 18) New Zealand 19) Greece 20) Luxembourg
32) Malaysia 31) Scotland 30) Israel 29) Belgium
Pool 5 Pool 6 Pool 7 Pool 8
5) Austria 6) Australia 7) Mexico 8) Chile
12) Hungary 11) Iceland 10) Turkey 9) Slovak Republic
21) England 22) Brazil 23) Czech Republic 24) Finland
28) El Salvador 27) Slovenia 26) Ukraine 25) Belarus

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