Deck Lists: Top 4 National Teams

Posted in Event Coverage on November 21, 2009

By Event Coverage Staff

Jan Kotrla, Czech Republic - Legacy

Lukas Jaklovsky, Czech Republic - Extended

Lukas Blohon, Czech Republic - Standard

Bo Li, China - Legacy

Instant (11)
4 Force of Will 2 Spell Snare 2 Stifle 3 Daze
Artifact (2)
2 Umezawa's Jitte
Enchantment (4)
4 Standstill
Land (20)
4 Mutavault 4 Wasteland 12 Island
Other (4)
4 Aether Vial
60 Cards

Zhiyang Zhang, China - Extended

Wu Tong, China - Standard

Tom Van Lampen, Netherlands - Legacy

Kevin Grove, Netherlands - Extended

Niels Noorlander, Netherlands - Standard

Benjamin Rozhon, Austria - Legacy

Bernhard Lehner , Austria - Extended

Benedict Klauser, Austria - Standard

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