Grand Prix Melbourne 2009: Round 11 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on October 11, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Table Player Result   Opponent
1 Hampton, Luke Won 2-1 vs. Chung, Jason
2 Falkenberg, Jarrad Lost 1-2 vs. Breese, Emlyn
3 Light, Jens O Won 2-0 vs. Nicoll, Aaron
4 Mitamura, Kazuya Lost 1-2 vs. Watanabe, Yuuya
5 Raney, Tom E Won 2-1 vs. Hortle, Linden
6 Teo, Marcus Won 2-0 vs. Wong, Wai Bien
7 Caley, Dan Won 2-1 vs. Marshall, David J
8 West, Alexander M Lost 0-2 vs. Cole, Chifley
9 Veigel, Cameron J Won 2-1 vs. Appudurai, Rohan
10 D'Ambrosio, Loren A Lost 1-2 vs. Steele, Wayne I
11 Tanahashi, Masayasu Lost 0-2 vs. Tso, Ken
12 Pels, Felix Lost 1-2 vs. Crewe, David A
13 Phillips, Russell Won 2-1 vs. Weeks, Adan S
14 Grain, Andrew Lost 1-2 vs. May, Daimos E
15 Aplin, Steven S Won 2-0 vs. Eckermann, Andrew
16 Lo, Dominic Lost 1-2 vs. Ruel, Olivier
17 Van Der Werk, Paul Lost 0-2 vs. Botkov, Max
18 Siagian, Yohannes P Won 2-0 vs. Nakamura, Shuuhei
19 Harnden, Simon A Lost 1-2 vs. Hood, Michael
20 Pianta, Che Lost 1-2 vs. Gordon, Andrew D
21 Wai, Haw Chuan Lost 1-2 vs. Chen, Cameron T
22 Rabin, Gabriel Won 2-0 vs. Lau, Damien
23 Goh, Eu Jin Lost 1-2 vs. Guan, Boney
24 Davey, Philip Won 2-0 vs. Ng, Desmond
25 Rayner, Hugh N Won 2-0 vs. Harrison, Ben
26 Hughes, Brett Won 2-1 vs. Hinz, Levi B
27 Juza, Martin Lost 1-2 vs. Zhang, Jacky
28 Burrows, Steven Lost 1-2 vs. Wiebell, Daniel
29 Scott-Vargas, Luis D Lost 0-2 vs. Evans, Merlyn R
30 Curtis, Matthew Lost 1-2 vs. Tian, Kuan
31 Rimmer, Adrian Won 2-1 vs. Hunstad, Scott
32 Seaton, John N Lost 0-2 vs. Gray, Scott
33 Egan, Isaac Won 2-1 vs. Maurici, Micheal
34 Saitou, Tomoharu Lost 0-2 vs. Dalliston, Shane
35 Swords, Chester Lost 0-2 vs. Piotto, Joel
36 Lusterio, Redmund Won 2-0 vs. Blackbourne, Daniel
37 Oks, Oliver J Won 2-0 vs. Nicastri, Aaron T
38 Antonios, Alex Lost 1-2 vs. Mihara, Makihito
39 Scott, Jason Lost 1-2 vs. Rolf, Nicolas
40 Wong, Nathan Lost 0-2 vs. Bandas, Jim
41 rampertshammer, stefan Lost 1-2 vs. Mohd Nasir, Mohd Afiq
  Nguyen, Kenny     * BYE *
  Ran, Frank     * BYE *
  Lim-Joon, Gavan     * BYE *

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