Grand Prix Melbourne 2009: Round 9 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on October 11, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1rampertshammer, stefanWon 2-0vs.Lim-Joon, Gavan
2Harnden, Simon ALost 1-2vs.Curtis, Matthew
3Crewe, David ALost 1-2vs.Mihara, Makihito
4Gray, ScottLost 0-2vs.Gordon, Andrew D
5Wong, NathanWon 2-1vs.Davey, Philip
6Chen, Cameron TWon 2-1vs.Rayner, Hugh N
7Scott-Vargas, Luis DLost 0-2vs.Watanabe, Yuuya
8Hortle, LindenWon 2-0vs.Steele, Wayne I
9West, Alexander MLost 0-2vs.Hughes, Brett
10Egan, IsaacWon 2-0vs.Siagian, Yohannes P
11Mohd Nasir, Mohd AfiqLost 0-2vs.Wiebell, Daniel
12Chung, JasonLost 0-2vs.Nakamura, Shuuhei
13Pels, FelixLost 0-2vs.Swords, Chester
14Hunstad, ScottWon 2-1vs.Nicoll, Aaron
15Ng, DesmondLost 0-2vs.Weeks, Adan S
16Wai, Haw ChuanLost 0-2vs.Teo, Marcus
17Van Der Werk, PaulWon 2-1vs.Harrison, Ben
18Nicastri, Aaron TLost 1-2vs.Mitamura, Kazuya
19Dalliston, ShaneWon 2-0vs.Evans, Merlyn R
20Rolf, NicolasLost 0-2vs.Hood, Michael
21Aplin, Steven SWon 2-1vs.Maurici, Micheal
22Lau, DamienLost 0-2vs.Bandas, Jim
23Hampton, LukeLost 0-2vs.Oks, Oliver J
24Nguyen, KennyWon 2-0vs.May, Daimos E
25Wong, Wai BienWon 2-1vs.Goh, Eu Jin
26Ran, FrankLost 1-2vs.Lusterio, Redmund
27Phillips, RussellLost 1-2vs.Falkenberg, Jarrad
28Seaton, John NLost 0-2vs.Breese, Emlyn
29Tian, KuanLost 0-2vs.Eckermann, Andrew
30Lo, DominicWon 2-1vs.Caley, Dan
31Blackbourne, DanielWon 2-1vs.Raney, Tom E
32Burrows, StevenLost 0-2vs.D'Ambrosio, Loren A
33Grain, AndrewLost 1-2vs.Antonios, Alex
34Zhang, JackyWon 2-0vs.Scott, Jason
35Cole, ChifleyWon 2-0vs.Guan, Boney
36Veigel, Cameron JLost 1-2vs.Tso, Ken
37Hinz, Levi BLost 1-2vs.Saitou, Tomoharu
38Piotto, JoelLost 0-2vs.Marshall, David J
39Juza, MartinWon 2-1vs.Tanahashi, Masayasu
40Light, Jens OLost 1-2vs.Botkov, Max
41Ruel, OlivierWon 2-1vs.Rabin, Gabriel
Rimmer, Adrian * BYE *
Pianta, Che * BYE *
Appudurai, Rohan * BYE *

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