Grand Prix Melbourne
Round 9 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on April 1, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Lankosz, Nicholas ALost 0-2vs.Jois, Vidya E
2Fallah, KeramatollahLost 0-2vs.Zhao, Geoff
3Brumby, GeneLost 1-2vs.Hughes, Brett
4Oks, Oliver JWon 2-1vs.Wood, Ian M
5Aplin, Steven SLost 0-2vs.Tay, Gerald
6Vanderhaven, MichaelLost 0-2vs.Lappin, Sean L
7Huang, Hao-ShanLost 1-2vs.harris, colin j
8Chetcuti, vincentLost 0-2vs.Nonneman, Jesse
9Nicoll, AaronWon 2-0vs.Wong, Garry
10Cutting, Russell JWon 2-1vs.Van Der Werk, Paul
11Wilson, ScottWon 2-0vs.Robb, Justin
12Chan, Kwok HungLost 0-2vs.Edwards, Robin
13Witton, AdamLost 1-2vs.Madigan, Damien
14Remillard, MichelLost 0-2vs.Gray, Scott R
15Chin, Jiann Hua JLost 0-2vs.Phillips, Russell J
16Jackway, Robert SLost 1-2vs.Cutting, Shane
17Henry, Simon DLost 1-2vs.Pathirana, Prads
18Rogers, MatthewLost 1-2vs.Xie, Ammy
19Fondum, TimLost 1-2vs.Unwin, Daniel G
20Bandas, JimLost 0-2vs.Rafferty, Thomas
21Fleming, Ben JLost 1-2vs.Chung, Jason
22Aherne, Ricky JWon 2-0vs.Giudes, Matthew
23Gordon, Andrew DWon 2-0vs.Hoskin, William
24Rankin, JasonWon 2-0vs.Last, Sam R
25Nguyen, DavidLost 1-2vs.jiang, xi
26Hughes, TimLost 0-2vs.Mann, Simeon J
27Kay, Craig aLost 1-2vs.Dai, James
28Nicholson, Matthew JWon 2-0vs.Watson, Nick
29Lioznov, MichaelLost 0-2vs.Reeve, Hamish T
30Cockroft, Aidan NLost 1-2vs.Zhang, Tao
31Harnden, Simon AWon 2-1vs.Hewitt, Ben
32Matthews, TonyLost 0-2vs.Neeman, Jeremy
33Kelly, John-Paul KLost 1-2vs.Hart, Jake
34Wong, Minga YLost 0-2vs.Brown, Dylan
35Mulcahy, LukeLost 1-2vs.Adams, Lewis
36Markovic, SashaLost 0-2vs.Crewe, David A
37Horig, WilfyWon 2-0vs.Egan, Owen J
38Blackbourne, Daniel EDrew 1-1-1vs.Connelly-Hansen, Allan J
39Meseguer, FernandoWon 2-0vs.Topping, Nathan
40Liang, AlfredWon 2-0vs.Fowler, Shane M
41Ninnes, Jeremy SLost 0-2vs.Walker, Lyndon K
42Myllynen, Teemu JWon 2-1vs.Martin, Lief
43Wu, HaoWon 2-1vs.Winter, Jonathan
44Cook, Tristan JWon 2-1vs.Cameron, Maitland W
45Walton, JackLost 0-2vs.Egan, Isaac J
46Nadebaum, RobLost 0-2vs.Miller, Michael J
47Kuo, Tzu Ching CLost 1-2vs.Goding, Kris S
48Scott-Vargas, Luis DWon 2-0vs.Nguyen, Phi
49Hobden, KyleWon 2-1vs.Martin, Brodie
Siagian, Yohannes P * BYE *
Hopson, Jason * BYE *
Caley, Dan * BYE *
cole, chifley * BYE *
Ling, Peter * BYE *
Ryan, Matthew L * BYE *
Smith, Ned * BYE *

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