Grand Prix Orlando Round 14 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on January 14, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1da Rosa, Paulo Vitor D [BRA]Lost 1-2vs.Woods, Conley L [USA]
2Friedman, Ben S [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Griffin, Matthew [USA]
3Black, Samuel H [USA]Won 2-0vs.Dean, John E [USA]
4Costa, Matthew C [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Adorno, Javier [USA]
5Lewis, Katie [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Nieves Ortiz, Gabriel [USA]
6Thompson, Gerry [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Ramsey, Nicholas C [USA]
7Guillerm, Steve A [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Chapin, Patrick A [USA]
8Martinez, Joshua A [USA]Won 2-0vs.Sesit, Brad M [USA]
9Carey, Joey J [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Mann, Stephen G [USA]
10Vaughan, Rob V [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Ochoa, David A [USA]
11Lalague, Marc [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Keaveny, Joseph J [USA]
12Forsberg, Ryan [USA]Won 2-1vs.Lachaud, Rémy [FRA]
13Cuevas, Jose R [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Beasley, Orrin A [USA]
14Kimball, Kristine [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Isgur, Ben I [USA]
15Molasky, Scott R [USA]Won 2-0vs.Auburn, Andrew A [USA]
16McGraw, Bryan G [USA]Won 2-0vs.Pozsgay, Michael T [USA]
17Strunk, Michael M [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Wescoe, Craig D [USA]
18Utter-Leyton, Josh W [USA]Won 2-0vs.Fortner, Phillip A [USA]
19Nasiff, Jose [VEN]Won 2-0vs.Aeschbacher, David T [USA]
20Fedón, Gerardo L [VEN]Lost 1-2vs.Juza, Martin [CZE]
21Pantiel, Travis [USA]Won 2-1vs.Scott-Vargas, Luis D [USA]
22Duke, Reid [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Ballou, Patrick [USA]
23Hayne, Alexander [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.McDuffie, Korey [USA]
24Nakamura, Shuuhei [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Postlethwait, William [USA]
25Duncan, Kyle A [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Bauer, David C [USA]
26Morin, Aubrey J [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Fedon, Antonio J [VEN]
27Manuel, Tom E [USA]Won 2-1vs.Durward, Caleb S [USA]
28Hirezi, Manny G [USA]Won 2-0vs.Brinkman, Jason R [USA]
29King, David [USA]Won 2-0vs.Gindy, Charles P [USA]
30Montalbano, Peter C [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Azzano, Doug M [USA]
31Leeper, Ryan R [USA]Won 2-0vs.Huntington, Sean D [USA]
32Gade, Brandon M [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Qadir, Aadil S [USA]
33Thompson, Connor [USA]Won 2-0vs.Garren, Patrick [USA]
34Daniels, Brandun S [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Veal, Adam [USA]
35Lorren, Phillip D [USA]Won 2-0vs.Liu, Jason [USA]
36Vidugiris, Gaudenis [USA]Won 2-1vs.Savant, Mark [USA]
37Ostiguy, Kevin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Coqueiro, Rafael S [BRA]
38Bolt, John [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Hartman, Dan [USA]
39Raflowitz, Taylor [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Mize, Logan G [USA]
40Cuvelier, John P [USA]Won 2-0vs.Blair, Alex [USA]
41Stark, Ben S [USA]Won 2-0vs.Iglesias, John [USA]
42Wetlaufer, Marcus [USA]Won 2-1vs.Kelley, Jeremy [USA]
43Jones, Michael [USA]Won 2-0vs.Toro, Daniel [USA]
44Bates, Justin C [USA]Won 2-0vs.Bonfardin, Stephen [USA]
45Sterrett, Corey l [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Cruse, William J [USA]
46Terwilliger, Brian [USA]Won 2-1vs.Levy, Raphael [FRA]
47Waterhouse, Dalton [USA]Won 2-0vs.Weir, Steven A [USA]
48Olson, Warner [USA]Won 2-0vs.Rosu, Pamela [CAN]
49Dearing, Geoff W [USA]Won 2-1vs.Rosenthal, Stephen C [USA]
50Jacob, Michael A [USA]Won 2-1vs.Mercier, Frederic [CAN]
51Beaver, Jeremy M [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Katz, Aaron J [USA]
52Daley, Joshua M [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Zornes, James W [USA]
53Goanos, George [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Jordan, Dan [USA]
54Mendez, James [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Lebron, Anthony [USA]
55Baugh, Walter A [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Brown, Jeffrey M [CAN]
56Runyon, John [USA]Won 2-1vs.Gonzalez, Abner [USA]
57Wisniewski, Kristofer [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Wassmer, Vaughn [USA]
58Rodriguez, Steven [USA]Won 2-0vs.Rivers, Christopher J [USA]

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