Grand-Prix Sydney: Round 12 Pairings

Posted in Event Coverage on October 10, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerPoints OpponentPoints
4Neeman, Jeremy 30vs.Watanabe, Yuuya 28
26Matsuyama, Satoshi 30vs.Puszet, Jarron 30
34Botkov, Max 28vs.Dao, Michael 28
16Antonios, Alex 27vs.D'Ambrosio, Loren A 27
15Scott-Vargas, Luis D 27vs.Unwin, Daniel G 27
27Tanahashi, Masayasu 27vs.Hare, Matthew 27
6Scriven, Jarrod T 27vs.Zhang, Jacky Z 27
5Nicastri, Aaron T 27vs.Barclay, Allan 27
35Kibler, Brian M 27vs.Egan, Isaac J 27
36Wood, Ian M 26vs.Rogers, Matthew 25
28Jackway, Robert S 25vs.Cusack, Benedict J 25
17Lo, Dominic 25vs.Kuo, Tzu Ching C 25
37Crewe, David A 25vs.Graham, Connor 24
38Lightfoot, Anatoli J 24vs.Rayson, Shawn L 24
8Ruz, Carl 24vs.Richards, Scott C 24
10Higgins, Will 24vs.Ward-Smith, Lachlan 24
9Hlaing, Anthony 24vs.Driel, Simon 24
7Chung, Jason 24vs.Hicks, Jason 24
18Mitamura, Kazuya 24vs.da Rosa, Paulo Vitor D 24
19Roffey, Benjamin 24vs.Matthews, Joseph K 24
20Lau, Damien C 24vs.Mercer, Michael 24
32Morton, Cameron G 24vs.Yue, Aaron K 24
30Juza, Martin 24vs.Lee, Hong-Yang 24
31Gray, Scott R 24vs.Brumby, Gene 24
29Hunstad, Scott 24vs.Rokman, Marcus 24
21Akita, Naoto 24vs.Luey, Jonathan 24
3Vance, Andrew E 21vs.Saito, Tomoharu 19
2Nicoll, Aaron 21vs.Scott, Jason 21
33Wright, Dale 21vs.Stoddart, Thomas G 21
25Fredembach, Clement 21vs.Orda, Jens 21
24McCormick, Alex 21vs.Prasad, Liam 21
11Cheung, Justin G 21vs.Ng, Kar Wye 21
22Markovic, Sasha 21vs.Rayner, Hugh N 21
23Ho, Phil 21vs.Denz, John L 21
14Subsiri, Ronnachai 21vs.Holtzman, Paul W 21
13Low, Jia Yan, Matthew 21vs.Fusta, Haudy 21
12Moore, Henry P 21vs.Nakamura, Shuuhei 21
1Pranoto, Andreas B 21vs.Walsh, Tyler A 21
Fung, Chris B 24 * BYE * Pod 6
Kositaporn, Nonthakorn 21 * BYE * Pod 8
Koh, Sheng Yiang 18 * BYE * Pod 11
Zulkafly, Abdullah F 21 * BYE * Pod 9
Rolf, Nicolas 21 * BYE * Pod 10
Bennett, Andrew 24 * BYE * Pod 7

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