Results Round 11

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Yamada, Ryuuichirou [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Ishii, Hayato [JPN]
2Takahashi, Jun'ya [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Michiwaki, Teruyoshi [JPN]
3Fujita, Tsuyoshi [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Nakajima, Chikara [JPN]
4Yamazaki, Yuuki [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Murasawa, Yuuya [JPN]
5Tsurumoto, Naoya [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Kawabata, Hiromasa [JPN]
6Ogura, Ryou [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Honnami, Tomoyuki [JPN]
7Seki, Keita [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Tsumura, Kenji [JPN]
8Nagaoka, Takayuki [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Andou, Reiji [JPN]
9Sasai, Takashi [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Kimura, Kazuaki [JPN]
10Kuroda, Masashiro [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Nose, Kouji [JPN]
11Kanekiyo, Ryuuske [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Saeki, Masayuki [JPN]
12Watanabe, Yuuya [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Suzuki, Kei [JPN]
13Sakaguchi, Naoki [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Hirabayashi, Kazuya [JPN]
14Matsuo, Yoshiyuki [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Matsumura, Takehiko [JPN]
15Ueno, Takamasa [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Tomida, Ryou [JPN]
16Ootsuka, Koutarou [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Nagashima, Makoto [JPN]
17Yamauchi, Shou [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Nakamura, Shuuhei [JPN]
18Mizutani, Naoto [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Yokoi, Masaki [JPN]
19Kaji, Tomohiro [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Sugaya, Hironobu [JPN]
20Takao, Syouta [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Yamada, Yasuo [JPN]
21Izumi, Masaru [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Imagawa, Hiromasa [JPN]
22Isozaki, Yasuaki [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Komuro, Shuu [JPN]
23Oono, Takamasa [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Ueda, Katsuya [JPN]
24Koyama, Kenta [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Nakano, Yoshitaka [JPN]
25Shibuya, Tsutomu [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Ishikawa, Yoshitaka [JPN]
26Einoo, Takafumi [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Saitou, Eiji [JPN]
27Nakajima, Takumi [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Mitamura, Kazuya [JPN]
28Satou, Masataka [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Akaike, You [JPN]
29Murakami, Kazuya [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Okada, Hiromi [JPN]
30Kitayama, Masaya [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Takesue, Chikara [JPN]
31Mori, Katsuhiro [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Chijimi, Keiichi [JPN]
32Takenaka, Yuuhi [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Yanaseko, Kentarou [JPN]
33Inoue, Tooru [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Kimura, Takuto [JPN]
34Nakano, Fumiki [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Tanaka, Hisaya [JPN]
35Akiyama, Takashi [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Kubouchi, Naoki [JPN]
36Kim, Min-su (Japan) [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Saito, Tomoharu [JPN]
37Kubota, Kenta [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Arita, Ryuuichi [JPN]
38Kudou, Kouichi [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Chiba, Akio [JPN]
39Oiso, Masashi [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Shiozu, Ryouma [JPN]
40Takahashi, Yuuta [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Fujita, Osamu [JPN]
41Takine, Kenji [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Wakayama, Shirou [JPN]
42Takagi, Takeshi [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Satou, Rei [JPN]
43Mizobuchi, Yuuji [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Itou, Shin'ichi [JPN]
44Mihara, Makihito [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Senba, Koutarou [JPN]
45Oota, Yuuji [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Nakada, Naoki [JPN]
46Kai, Tsubasa [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Shiota, Akihiko [JPN]
47Kashiwa, Tatsuya [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Kaneko, Masami [JPN]
48Kurihara, Shingou [JPN]Lost 1-2vs.Yamamoto, Shouhei [JPN]
49Yasooka, Shouta [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Takasugi, Ryouta [JPN]
50Yasutomi, Hiroto [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Takahashi, Tsutomu [JPN]
51Natsume, Takuya [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Takasaki, Masafumi [JPN]
52Ebie, Kunisato [JPN]Won 2-1vs.Hitomi, Masaaki [JPN]
53Ikeda, Tsuyoshi [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Iwasaki, Yuusuke [JPN]
54Abe, Motoki [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Itou, Yusuke [JPN]
55Takakuwa, Akihiro [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Iyanaga, Jun'ya [JPN]
56Kaida, Hiroshi [JPN]Lost 0-2vs.Sasahara, Yasufumi [JPN]
57Hata, Hirotaka [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Ida, Tomoaki [JPN]
Kugi, Takeshi [JPN] * BYE *

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