Results Round 14

Posted in Event Coverage on November 27, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Fujita, Osamu [JPN]Drew 0-0-0vs.Nakano, Yoshitaka [JPN]
2Jian, Sheng Xiu [TWN]Drew 0-0-0vs.lee, shi tian [HKG]
3Huang, Yun Min [TWN]Won 2-0vs.Hwang, Wen Jien [TWN]
4Komuro, Shuu [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Go, Paolo S [PHL]
5Hirabayashi, Kazuya [JPN]Drew 0-0-0vs.Nakajima, Chikara [JPN]
6Chiang, Kang Nien [TWN]Won 2-1vs.Li, Cheuk Yin [HKG]
7Roxas, Neil [PHL]Lost 1-2vs.Yang, Joshua [SGP]
8Ng, Chi Fai [HKG]Won 2-1vs.Sim, Chapman [SGP]
9Tsai, Homg Gi M [TWN]Won 2-0vs.Soh, Weng Heng [SGP]
10Kuo, Tzu Ching C [TWN]Lost 0-2vs.Carvalho, Marcio A [PRT]
11Kim, Min-Soo [KOR]Lost 0-2vs.Ruel, Olivier [FRA]
12Chun, Bo Ruad [TWN]Lost 1-2vs.Jim Tim, Lee [TWN]
13Fang, Wei-chun [TWN]Won 2-1vs.Hong, Ji Yi W [TWN]
14Lai, Chien-Shie [TWN]Won 2-0vs.Liu, Jiayang [TWN]
15Kurihara, Shingou [JPN]Won 2-0vs.jam, shanron [TWN]
16Wong, Lucas [SGP]Won 2-1vs.Siang, David [TWN]
17Yen, Adam [TWN]Won 2-1vs.Chiu, Chang Tien [TWN]
18Kaneko, Masami [JPN]Drew 0-0-0vs.tsai, ching chi [TWN]
19Lam, Tsz Yeung [HKG]Won 2-0vs.Liaol, Yee Nan N [TWN]
20Law, Charles [SGP]Lost 0-2vs.Ootsuka, Koutarou [JPN]
21Shih, Gorby [TWN]Won 2-0vs.Yang, Victor [TWN]
22Yasooka, Shouta [JPN]Won 2-0vs.Horng, Jim [TWN]
23Lin, Ian-Ting [TWN]Won 2-0vs.chan, way [TWN]
24Nicastri, Aaron T [AUS]Lost 1-2vs.Kwon, Ohhong [KOR]
25Lain, Jang-Hung [TWN]Won 2-0vs.Ikeda, Tsuyoshi [JPN]
26Chao, Peter [TWN]Lost 1-2vs.Huang, Yu Chung [TWN]
27Lee, Yen han [TWN]Won 2-0vs.Francisco, John Paul S [PHL]
28Jan, kuo hong [TWN]Won 2-1vs.Aquino, Sherwin Edejer [PHL]
29SHU, Ming-lin [TWN]Lost 0-2vs.Huang, yu ming [TWN]
su, Jee-hung [TWN] * BYE *
lin, yi jie [TWN] * BYE *

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