Rotisserie Draft Introduction

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Sideboard Staff

The third format of this year's Invitational is called Rotisserie Draft. It is similar to a Rochester Draft with one major exception. In Rochester Draft, players take turns picking cards form a fifteen-card booster. In Rotisserie Draft, players take turns picking cards from an entire expansion, in this case the 330-card Odyssey expansion. As Odyssey was released the day most players flew to Cape Town, this should add an extra layer of difficulty to the format.

Here's how the draft will work. The sixteen players are divided randomly into two eight- person pods. The players will choose their order in the draft (positions on through eight) based on their current standing in the tournament. Position one will choose the first card continuing through position eight. The draft will then circle back from eight to one. This pattern continues until all 330 cards are drafted.

Normally in a draft, players concentrate on the commons, as they will compose the majority of the cards in the available pool. But in Rotisserie Draft, the rares are just as available as the commons and uncommons. Also different is the fact that the players know exactly what will be available during the entire draft. This allows them to plan ahead and prioritize certain cards.

How will the draft play out? None of the players or myself is quite certain. But it looks to be interesting regardless.

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