43 Land

Posted in Feature on March 23, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Chris Woltereck's 43 Land

The Legacy format allows players to use nearly all Magic cards that have ever been printed! With the exclusion of a few overly powerful cards on its banned list, Legacy covers all sets in the game's history. That means you get some interesting decks. Chris Woltereck recently won a large Legacy tournament, the StarCityGames.com Open in Indianapolis, using a deck playing over 40 lands! The goal of his deck is to put as many lands onto the battlefield as possible using Exploration, Manabond, and Life from the Loam. From there it can beat people down with Mishra's Factory or Mindslaver-lock them using Academy Ruins. Sound like fun? Well now you can play too, because Legacy is coming to Magic Online soon!

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