Ask Wizards: 07/10/2012

Posted in Feature on July 10, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

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Q: What's your favorite combo out of Magic 2013?


A: From Trick Jarrett, Editor-in-Chief

I immediately latched onto Worldfire as something I'd love to play. So I am going to build a commander deck which will hopefully one day allow me to live the dream of playing Near-Death Experience, a Rise of the Eldrazi enchantment which says that during my upkeep if I have exactly one life, I win the game. I would then Oblivion Ring my Near-Death Experience, thus exiling it. Then I would cast Worldfire. Worldfire exiles all permanents (including my Oblivion Ring, thus causing Near-Death Experience to return to play). Worldfire exiles all cards from hands and graveyards and sets everyone's life total to one. Then when the turn comes around to me again, I'll win in my upkeep thanks to the returned Near-Death Experience.

It's a long shot, but we all have to dream big. There are plenty of other fun ideas around Worldfire wins, but the Near-Death Experience is my favorite.

As for the Commander of this deck, no Red-White commanders really fit that theme, so I'll probably go with Basandra, Battle Seraph.

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