Big White

Posted in Feature on May 14, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Skyler Stewart's Big White

Sorcery (6)
4 Day of Judgment 2 Martial Coup
Instant (4)
4 Path to Exile
Artifact (2)
2 Expedition Map
Enchantment (4)
4 Oblivion Ring
Land (24)
4 Emeria, the Sky Ruin 20 Plains
60 Cards

Who needs a fancy mana base? Not Skyler Stewart, who managed to make the Top 8 of the PTQ in Salt Lake City, Utah with this decidedly dual-less take on Mono-White. Not an aggressive strategy, Skyler is happy to stall the ground with cards like Kor Cartographer, Lone Missionary, Pilgrim's Eye, and Wall of Omens until the late game.
That's when Martial Coup; Iona, Shield of Emeria; and Emeria, the Sky Ruin all take over to dominate. Find a Pro Tour Qualifier near you on the Amsterdam Qualifiers page.

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