Black-Green Masques

Posted in Feature on December 2, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Let's dial back the clock to summer of 2000. The world had survived the Y2K frenzy, Jon Finkel was at the height of his Magic career, and Mercadian Masques Block Constructed was a format at Worlds. Though Rebel-based decks and Rising Waters strategies were the most popular archetypes, Eduardo Simoa Texeira took this black-green deck to a 6-0 record. Why bring this up? Because Masques block Pereleases begin today on Magic Online! Log on and join a Sealed Deck Prerelease to try out this format in a whole new way, using booster packs comprised of cards from all three sets. Give this new twist on an old format a try!

Eduardo Simoa Texeira's Black-Green

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