Decks of the Week: 4/19/2013

Posted in Feature on April 19, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

Congratulations to Thomas Enevoldsen, winner of Grand Prix Strasbourg! Thomas beat out nearly 1,400 other players to show his dominance of the quick and powerful Legacy format. Want to try to play against him at Pro Tour Theros later this year but can't make a Grand Prix? No worries! If you win a Pro Tour Qualifier you are in! This season's PTQs run the Standard format, so make sure to keep an eye on Top 8 decks from both those and WMCQs to see what's going on in the Standard metagame. Also, the Dragon's Maze Card Image Gallery updates daily, so be sure to see what's about to hit the format! Find the nearest PTQ to you with this handy link! Good luck; have fun!

  • Pro Tour Theros Magic Online PTQ

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