Efficient Costuming

Posted in Feature on January 14, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

We're always impressed by people who make costumes to look like Magic cards. And of course we're always on the lookout for things to do with extra Magic cards.

Are you thinking what we're thinking? What if somehow someone could create a Magic costume out of Magic cards?

Hmm. What card would lend itself to that? Well...

Cardboard Carapace

Yes! Perfect! Now all we have to do is—wait. What?

You'll never believe this, folks, but I've just been informed that someone at PAX 2008 beat us to it. 


Incidentally, we're impressed that this convention costume seamlessly incorporates the PAX badge. Too many times, you see someone with an incredibly elaborate outfit with a plastic badge holder hanging off in an unseemly manner.

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