Eventide Orb of Insight

Posted in Feature on June 23, 2008

By magicthegathering.com Staff

Orb of InsightYou peered into its depths prior to the release of Shadowmoor, and now the Orb of Insight has returned for Eventide! If you've never utilized the Orb before, you needn't fear, as it's relatively simple to use. Simply type in a word (or number) and the Orb will tell you how many times it appears on Eventide cards. Flavor text isn't counted, and you can enter mana costs and activation costs, including hybrid mana. (For example, you can enter u/r to search for .)

If you've got sufficient time on your hands and managed to enter every single word in the English language, plus all the words and mana costs in Magic, you could put together every single word in the set! Of course, there are probably going to be some Eventide-specific words making their debut into the Magic lexicon this time around, so you'll need to enter every possible string of letters too (just to be safe...). At that point, it's just a simple matter of re-arranging all that data into the exact card text of all the cards in the set. If you hurry, you should be able to finish before the Prerelease Events!

What Eventide secrets will you be able to unveil? Only the Orb knows, so get to work! And of course, we'll see you back here on Wednesday, June 25 when the Eventide Minisite debuts, followed by the official kickoff of Eventide previews on Monday, June 30.

Ready? Click here to launch the Orb and get started!

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