Four-Thought Control

Posted in Feature on October 1, 2012

By Conley Woods

Last week, we mentioned something about a StarCityGames Invitational going on. The tournament is a large, independent series with a lot of cool prizes on the line, including a lot of cash for those lucky enough to enjoy it. The tournament was large enough that plenty of people went into the tank and came out with some crazy concoctions, despite the format being so close to rotation. Former national champion Ali Aintrazi was one of these people, as he showed up with a pretty neat four-color control deck .

Dead Weight

Four-color control has had very mixed results over the years depending on the format and metagame. The basic idea behind playing so many colors is that you get access to the best of just about everything. Need a sweeper? Day of Judgment seems pretty good. What about some life gain? Well, there is not much better ground than Thragtusk. What about card filtering? Oh, blue can chip in with Ponder and Forbidden Alchemy. By expanding the color spectrum of your deck, you gain more answers to more things, but at the cost of weakening the consistency of your mana base.

Ali was fine with that, though, as he managed to take his four-color list all the way to a Top 8 appearance at the Invitational. The deck almost comes across as a who's who of control cards in Standard, but Ali managed to fit some unappreciated ones in there as well. Dead Weight specifically is a card we played with a little bit in Block but has not really seen too much Standard play, despite dealing with Delver of Secrets so well. The deck has plenty going on, though, as it almost feels like every new pass on the deck reveals some new synergy available to it! With Return to Ravnica just about out, we can expect mana bases similar to this to become more popular, so get some practice in now!

Ali Aintrazi's 4C Control

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