The New Magic Online Client

Posted in Feature on July 17, 2012

By Monty Ashley

Want to see the new client for Magic Online? The Sneak Peek started yesterday and runs through July 25. Because this is a new game client, and doesn't touch the servers or game rules engine, players running the current client can play against players running the beta client. This Sneak Peek is your chance to check out our progress and tell us what you think while we are still in development! A short survey will be available so you can share your feedback. Please take the time to do so, as your involvement will help shape the future of Magic Online. There will be longer tests later this year, but we wanted to get it in front of everybody. For more details, check out last week's Feature Article.

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The new client will have a new look and interface with selectable themes, easy navigation, and high resolution art. Your home scene will give you quick access to your buddies, your clan, and a list of the upcoming events.

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Your Magic Online collection has been completely reimagined with new card binder and deck box features, so collection management and deckbuilding take place in the same place.

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The new play lobby makes joining a match easier than ever. And when you're playing, the duel looks great!

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Drafts run even smoother, now that you can build your deck during the draft.

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Of course, even the most vigilant Magic Online player sometimes goes off to do something else on the Internet. The new alerts let you know when something needs your attention.

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All these things and more are available in the all-new Magic Online client. And downloading the new client will take less than five minutes for most broadband users! Get in it now and see what you think! And remember, you can still use the old client during the Sneak Peek.

To check out the Sneak Peek, just head over to the download page and grab the new client. Once you've installed it, just log in with your normal Magic Online user name and password.

We're very interested in your feedback during this process. So interested, in fact, that we've made a feedback form for you to use. Please do!

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