Superion Summoning

Posted in Feature on March 16, 2012

By Gavin Verhey

When Gavin Verhey was eleven, he dreamt of a job making Magic cards—and now as a Magic designer, he's living his dream! Gavin has been writing about Magic since 2005.

The combination of Myr Superion and Heartless Summoning has been a topic of discussion since the black enchantment released, and Magic Online player Alienware_ recently played a deck featuring this dynamic duo. Using the power of cheap acceleration alongside several colorless goodies, this deck took down a Magic Online Standard Premier Event.

The deck's core engine uses Heartless Summoning, Grand Architect, and artifact creatures. Myr Superion is the most explosive one, coming down for free on the same turn you cast either Grand Architect or Heartless Summoning, but Phyrexian Metamorph, Solemn Simulacrum, and Wurmcoil Engine are no slouches either. Once this deck gets its mana engines rolling, a threatening army of artifacts follows close behind.

The deck features plenty of ways to help its consistency, with Ponder, Treasure Mage, and Trinket Mage. Both of the Mages cost only with Heartless Summoning on the battlefield and can tutor up different tools for the deck to give it some flexibility.

Treasure Mage especially helps provide the deck with its finishing move: Spine of Ish Sah. By using the explosive acceleration of Grand Architect, the deck should have plenty of mana to use and reuse the Spine thanks to Phyrexia's Core.

Many have tried to put together a deck with Grand Architect and Heartless Summoning, and this one looks like one of the best out there! Powerful, fun, and versatile, this deck has plenty to offer. Give it a try at Friday Night Magic tonight!

Alienware_'s Blue-Black Heartless Summoning

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