The Undead Grass is Always Greener

Posted in Feature on October 26, 2012

By Conley Woods

With Return to Ravnica putting both Rakdos and Golgari on display, it was not difficult to figure out that Zombies—Jund, BR, or BG—was going to be pretty good in the new metagame. We have taken a look at the Jund variety already and black-red has been the standard for quite awhile. But while the rumors of black-green have swirled around, we really have not had a good example of the list performing. Well, noted deck builder Gerry Thompson figured it was time to end that at the 2012s event on Sunday of Grand Prix San Jose.

Dreg Mangler

Gerry put away the Falkenrath Aristocrats and picked up Lotleth Trolls, securing him a Top 8 finish in the event. Lotleth Troll put on quite the show at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica , but his appearance in Standard really shows how powerful and versatile the card can be. Imagine this scenario: Your opponent leads with a Swamp and a Diregraf Ghoul. Next turn, he or she follows that up with an innocent-looking Lotleth Troll. Cute, you think. Next turn,your opponent attacks with the pair of 2-power creatures, but before anything happens, two Gravecrawlers are discarded to the Troll and then cast out of the graveyard, leaving regeneration mana up the whole time!

Of course, Lotleth Troll is not the only green card in the deck. Dreg Mangler gives the list another scary three-drop that is also a Zombie. Geralf's Messenger has always been powerful, but now there are two threats that present immediate damage once turn three shows up. And, of course, longtime beatdown staple Rancor gives back the reach the deck lost when red left it. This list is just another deadly way to take your Zombies to FNM, so be prepared for a whole lot of walking dead!

Gerry Thompson's BG Zombies

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