Wizards Asks: 3/15/2011

Posted in Feature on March 15, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

What's your favorite alternate-win condition, and why?

Mons Johnson: My favorite alternate win condition is decking. I like that in Limited occasionally it will influence decisions well before it occurs, also for reasons that may not be obvious to the reader. I will attempt to illuminate this matter.

Once I built a deck around two different cards we were testing. One was an artifact that cost one mana and said, "Whenever you mill a land, draw a card." Another was an enchantment that cost two mana and said, "Whenever you draw a card, mill a card." In a test game I quickly got two of the artifacts into play, then played the enchantment. On my next upkeep I milled a card. It was a land, so I drew two cards then milled two cards. Two more lands. So I drew four cards, then milled four cards. Three lands... You can see where this goes.

Eventually, with most of my deck either in my hand or in my graveyard, my opponent (Henry Stern) asks, "No brakes?" I agree, and the process continues until my library is empty and the game is over on turn three.

We changed those cards.

What's your favorite alternate-win condition, and why? Click the Discuss link below to tell us your story and then see what everybody else has to say!

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