Selecting Tenth Edition Week 5

Posted in Feature on July 12, 2006

By Staff

This week the first sketch vote results are in along with the winner for the equipment card vs. card vote, we finish up the final round of basic land art voting, we've got a new card vs. card vote we think will raise many eyebrows, and even more. All set?

Like the Week 3 vote, this card vs. card clash wasn't close.

Loxodon Warhammer returns in Tenth Edition!
Loxodon Warhammer 7477 62.6%
Empyrial Plate 4473 37.4%
Totals 11950 100%

Card Vote #5

Despite how it may seem to some, when putting together a set every slot is important. That said, some choices are more high-profile than others. With that in mind, we're pretty sure the one we've got planned for you this week is pretty spicy.

Click here to reveal your choice.

Comments from Matt Place

This week instead of arguing why the card I'm defending is better than Aaron's dumb card for Standard, I'm going to take a different perspective that may not be important to the enfranchised player but is very important for the game of Magic as a whole.

Kird Ape fills a unique roll in the base set. It shows off in a simple way “multicolor”. Since we do not include gold cards in the base set it is nice to have a card that can show new players a “gold” card without actually being gold. I know that for me multicolor is one of the most exciting mechanics in Magic. I started playing just before Legends came out. My friends and I were blown away when we got our hands on the first gold cards. We traded for as many gold cards as we could get. In hindsight it should have been Mana Drain and Mirror Universe we were collecting, but we chose to collect Kasimir the Lone Wolf instead. Oops!

Back to my point, I believe multicolor can be eye-popping for the new player and an important purpose of the base set is to not only be easy for a new player to understand but also to excite them about the game. Having a “multicolor” card like Kird Ape can help make their introduction to Magic that much more fun.

Comments from Aaron Forsythe

Oftentimes good cards get labeled "too good" by players and by R&D because of the company they keep. It's quite difficult to extricate a card from its environment and judge it solely on its own merits, but that's exactly what we get to do when choosing cards for a Core Set. The reprinting of Hypnotic Specter in Ninth Edition is a great example of separating an old card from its previous environment: Hyppie was considered "too good to print," but all previous experience with the card was tainted by other cards like Dark Ritual and Hymn to Tourach. Without those cards around, Hyppie has been merely good and not a problem at all.

Mogg Fanatic is another such card. People here in R&D have called him the best one-mana creature ever, and even nominated him (pre-Psychatog) as the best creature of all time. But the Fanatic always went hand-in-hand in every format it was legal with true powerhouses Jackal Pup and Cursed Scroll (except when the Scroll was banned in Block Constructed); on top of that, Fireblast and Ball Lightning were also legal in Standard for most of Mogg Fanatic's initial lifespan. How good is the Fanatic on its own, without all those other cards? Still quite good, I'd guess, but nowhere near unprintable. Don't hold him responsible for the sins of other more ridiculous cards. Give Fanatic a chance... Kird Ape already had his!

Basic Land Art

Last week you voted on the art from Kamigawa's panoramic basic lands. The closest vote? Turns out even John Avon has trouble beating John Avon in these things! Here's how it all came out once the dust had settled.


Greg Staples 2 5953 49.8%
Greg Staples 4 2337 19.6%
Greg Staples 3 1920 16.1%
Greg Staples 1 1740 14.6%
Totals 11950 100%


Martina Pilcerova 3 5475 45.8%
Martina Pilcerova 1 2615 21.9%
Martina Pilcerova 4 2168 18.1%
Martina Pilcerova 2 1692 14.2%
Totals 11950 100%


Jim Nelson 3 3990 33.4%
Jim Nelson 4 3504 29.3%
Jim Nelson 1 2286 19.1%
Jim Nelson 2 2170 18.2%
Totals 11950 100%


John Avon 4 3287 27.5%
John Avon 3 3239 27.1%
John Avon 1 2754 23.0%
John Avon 2 2670 22.3%
Totals 11950 100%


Rob Alexander 2 7004 58.6%
Rob Alexander 3 2170 18.2%
Rob Alexander 4 1750 14.6%
Rob Alexander 1 1026 8.6%
Totals 11950 100%

This week you'll finish up the basic land votes by choosing from the block that got fourth in overall votes.

Remember, for each basic land type you'll pick your favorite. The top Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest from Urza's Saga will get their art reprinted in Tenth Edition. Here's what you'll be choosing from.


Rob Alexander 1

Rob Alexander 2

Rob Alexander 3

Rob Alexander 4


Donata Giancola 1

Donata Giancola 2

Donata Giancola 3

Donata Giancola 4


John Avon 1

John Avon 2

John Avon 3

John Avon 4


John Avon 1

John Avon 2

John Avon 3

John Avon 4


Anthony S. Waters 1

Anthony S. Waters 2

Anthony S. Waters 3

Anthony S. Waters 4

Artist Sketches

Last week you chose between Mike Sutfin and Dave Allsop for sketches of how Lord of the Pit would look in Magic's next core set. For this one, it was "Sketch A" by Mike Sutfin that took the honors in what turned out to be a very close vote.

IN: Sketch A (Mike Sutfin)

OUT: Sketch B (Dave Allsop)
Sketch A (Mike Sutfin) 6146 51.4%
Sketch B (Dave Allsop) 5804 48.6%
Totals 11950 100%

This week, you'll be choosing between sketches for Fountain of Youth by Dan Scott and Anthony Waters.

Click here to reveal your choice.

Click each image for a larger version.

Sketch A

Sketch B

Go Vote!

To vote in the polls, you'll need to use your message boards account. If you don't have one yet, you can go here to create one. Once you've done that, or if you already have an account, you're all set. You've got until the site updates Sunday night to get your vote in, so click the link below to launch the polling page and go make your voice heard!

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