Tenth Edition Sortable Spoiler

Posted in Feature on July 16, 2007

By magicthegathering.com Staff

Welcome back! For those returning from Magic Game Day, we hope you had an awesome time! First off, here are the answers from last week’s final Countdown to Tenth Edition art quiz:

1. Diabolic Tutor 2. Benalish Knight
3. Anaba Bodyguard 4. Commune with Nature
5. Bloodrock Cyclops 6. Air Elemental
7. Dragon Roost 8. Cho-Manno, Revolutionary
9. Bog Wraith 10. Colossus of Sardia
11. Angelic Chorus 12. Angel of Mercy
13. Cloud Elemental 14. Cone of Flame
15. Ambassador Laquatus 16. Denizen of the Deep
17. Doomed Necromancer 18. Arcane Teachings
19. Citanul Flute

As is our tradition for the Monday after your first chance to play with a new set, today we post the full card list for the set right here on the front page of magicthegathering.com. Here are the sortable spoiler lists for Tenth Edition. Have fun reading the full list, then make sure to drop in the thread to let us know what you’re most excited to see or what you’ll miss most. Enjoy!

Launch the Tenth Edition card list

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