Latest Developments

M’rakul Files: Developing Emrakul

by Sam Stoddard June 24 2016

Sam walks through the steps it took to develop Emrakul into the vexing enigma she is today.

Magic Lifestyle

The Third Miracle

by Corbin Hosler May 17 2016

A terrible accident once took Jimmy Bucknell's memory from him, but playing Magic with his friends brought everything back.


An Oral History of Limited

by Brian David-Marshall May 9 2016

BDM spoke with several of the pros who pioneered competitive Limited play, admiring how far these formats have come since the beginning.

Beyond the Basics

Four of a Kind

by Gavin Verhey August 11 2016

Choosing which cards to put in your deck is only one part of deck building—you also have to choose how many of each to include.

Magic Story

A Gaze Blank and Pitiless

by Ken Troop March 9 2016

Avacyn is free from her imprisonment and has helped the humans beat back the evil horrors that lurk within Innistrad.

Ways to Play

From the Kitchen Table to Friday Night Magic

by Quinn Murphy August 9 2016

The kitchen table is great, but where should you look if you want to broaden your Magic community?

How to Build

Building Your First Cube

by Melissa DeTora May 19 2016

With Eternal Masters on the way, now is a great time to try building a cube, and Melissa has all the tips you need to ensure it's a terrific one!

Top Decks

Standard Showdown Metagame Breakdown

by Luis Scott-Vargas November 22 2016

LSV breaks down what archetypes we should expect to see at Standard Showdown, including how to play them and play against them.


Bringing the Magic to Us: The Randy Buehler Story

by Corbin Hosler October 3 2016

Corbin reflects on the historic influence Randy Buehler has had on Magic coverage.

Making Magic

State of Design 2016

by Mark Rosewater August 29 2016

Mark's yearly review of Magic design covers the first year of the new two-block model.

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