article - MAKING MAGIC October 12, 2015

Battle Plans

by Mark Rosewater

Mark breaks down the step-by-step process of creating a two-sided conflict like Battle for Zendikar.

article - Reconstructed October 12, 2015

Planar Boxing

by Gavin Verhey

Gavin takes a look at decks that are ready to go toe to toe in honor of Zendikar vs. Eldrazi Week!

article - Feature October 12, 2015

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar Preview

by Rich Hagon

With the introduction of Battle for Zendikar plus changes to the Standard format, this is shaping up to be one exciting Pro Tour!

article - Daily Deck October 12, 2015

Standard Green-White Hardened Scales

by Melissa DeTora

Daily Decks presents a list from various formats (even some you may not have heard of), perfect for competitive and casual players.

article - Arcana October 12, 2015

That Time LSV Started 16-0 at the Pro Tour

by Blake Rasmussen

Only one man has ever gone undefeated in the Swiss portion of a Pro Tour: Luis Scott-Vargas.

article - FEATURED ARTICLE October 12, 2015

The Magic Online Zendikarticle

by Alli Medwin

Good morning! I’m Alli Medwin, the editor for Magic Online, and each set I make time to go over some of the Magic Online-specific challenges and advances we’re delivering to you with the new...

article - LATEST DEVELOPMENTS October 9, 2015

The Power of Lands

by Sam Stoddard

Sam shares a few of the considerations R&D takes to ensure mana bases are balanced for each new Standard-legal set.

article - FEATURE October 9, 2015

Battle for Zendikar Update Bulletin

by Matt Tabak

A review of the Oracle and Comprehensive Rules changes that come with the new set.

article - Top Decks October 9, 2015

Eternally Yours

by Luis Scott-Vargas

A look at the brave new world of Vintage and Legacy.

article - The Week That Was October 9, 2015

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar Coverage Roundtable

by Brian David-Marshall

BDM sits down with members of the coverage team to learn who they'll have their eyes on at Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar.

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