Magic Duels in 2016

The recent release of the Battle for Zendikar update marked the first step in the restatement of our commitment to making Magic Duels the great experience that you deserve.

In order to continue improving Magic Duels we have made the decision to revise our content release plan for 2016. This means that instead of the Oath of the Gatewatch update being available in January, players can expect it to be released in Magic Duels in April alongside content from the next Magic set, Shadows over Innistrad. With the Shadows over Innistrad update we will be back on track to delivering regular content updates aligned with Magic's paper set releases.

We'll share more information about the release of the combined Oath of the Gatewatch and Shadows over Innistrad update in the spring.

Thanks for your continued passion and support.

Battle for Zendikar


The new Battle for Zendikar update is now available for PC via Steam, iPad, iPhone, and Xbox One!

Return to the wild plane of Zendikar in the new Battle for Zendikar update to Magic Duels, where the monstrous Eldrazi threaten the entire world with destruction. The plane’s inhabitants, and even the land itself, stand united to oppose them. Answer the call and join the Battle for Zendikar!

With an ever-growing library of collectible cards, multiple game modes, and robust deck-building tools, Magic Duels provides an epic Magic experience for new and veteran players alike.

Welcome to Magic Duels

Magic Duels is the best way to start playing Magic, offering virtually unlimited free gameplay, regular content updates, unlockable cards, and many exciting multiplayer modes—including Two-Headed Giant! 

Play the world's best strategy game free on your favorite gaming device. Arm yourself with a deck of devastating spells and fearsome creatures, then win battles and unlock even more powerful cards to add to your collection.

Challenge some of the brightest minds in the world of Magic. Take on friends, online opponents, and thousands of AI foes.

Explore Magic's all-new Origins campaign and walk in the footsteps of five iconic Planeswalkers as you uncover their never-before-told stories.

All of the content is fully earnable from the first Magic Duels: Origins and now has EXPANDED to the Battle for Zendikar set.

NEW CARDS & STORY: The new Battle for Zendikar update expands the virtually endless gameplay with over 150 NEW unique cards, NEW Story content, and NEW Skill Quests introducing Eldrazi cards.  

BUILD POWERFUL DECKS: Build your deck of devastating spells from an ever-growing library of collectible cards using the Deck Wizard to guide you as you begin—and to help power your choices as you advance. 

MANY WAYS TO PLAY: Experience the stories of five of Magic’s most iconic Planeswalker characters in Story Mode, head to Battle Mode to take on your friends and other players, or grab a partner for a four-player Two-Headed Giant battle.

PRACTICE OFFLINE: Even when offline you can hone your skills and try new decks and strategies against virtually endless AI opponents in Solo Mode.

GREATER CONTROL: Enjoy expanded Magic: The Gathering mana pool functionality. This includes manual tapping of lands, creatures, and other permanents that tap to generate mana—features never before seen in the Duels franchise.

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