Top 8 Decklists of Grand Prix Amsterdam

Posted in Event Coverage on June 4, 2017

By Frank Karsten

After 15 rounds of Swiss competition, eight players remain to compete for the trophy. The Top 8 decks break down as follows: 2 Black-Green Delirium, 2 Black-Green Energy, 1 Temur Aetherworks Marvel, 1 Esper Vehicles, 1 Red-Green Pummeler, and 1 Blue-Red Control.

Lukas Blohon's Black-Green Delirium – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Thomas Hendriks' Black-Green Delirium – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Alexander Mertins' Black-Green Energy – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Raphael Coors' Black-Green Energy – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Jelco Bodewes' Temur Aetherworks Marvel – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Micheal Maurici's Esper Vehicles – 9-0 at Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Arjan van Leeuwen's Red-Green Pummeler – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

Benjamin Luft's Blue-Red Control – Grand Prix Amsterdam 2017

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