Grand Prix Trial Winning Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on March 18, 2017

By Chapman Sim

A total of 13 Standard Grand Prix Trial took place yesterday, granting respective winners two byes for the main event today. Check out these decklists and discover how our inventors here in Porto Alegre have taken advantage of the mature Standard metagame to emerge victorious!

Being pillars of the format, Mardu Vehicles and Four-Color Copycat naturally took down a few events, but there are also interesting resurgences such as Red-Green Pummeler, White-Blue Flash, Temur Marvelworks and even Jund Midrange!

Leonardo Luzardo Soares's Red-Green Pummeler

Jean Vieira's Mardu Vehicles

Julio Maciel's Mardu Vehicles

Nicolas Righetti's White-Blue Flash

Allison Abe's Four-Color Copycat

Vagner Cassati's Mardu Vehicles

Jaudy Tulio's Temur Marvelworks

Luis Koslovoski Jeferson

Vitor Saur's Mardu Vehicles

Nathan Santanna's Mardu Vehicle

Marcela Almeida's Mardu Vehicles

Felipe Stobienia Wannmacher's Jund Midrange

Daniel Caldeiras's Four-Color Copycat

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