Wizards Account FAQ

What is a Wizards Account? How do I get one?

A Wizards Account is an account system that simplifies your access to many of the Wizards of the Coast websites and services.

The Wizards Account makes it easy for you to access our services and manage your account with a single login. A Wizards Account gives you the ability to get your DCI number online, track your Planeswalker Points, use Wizards Event Reporter (WER is for stores and organizers only) and contact Customer Service.

You can sign up for a Wizards Account at https://accounts.wizards.com .

I already have other existing Wizards of the Coast Accounts, like multiple DCI numbers. What should I do?

You can contact our Customer Service team to request that your accounts to be combined. They may request additional information (like your name, email address, date of birth, ZIP/Postal Code, or play history information) to assist them in locating your accounts to be combined.

What is the difference between my Wizards Account and my DCI number?

Your Wizards Account provides access to Wizards of the Coast sites, your DCI number, management of your personal information, and more. Your DCI number is your personal identification number at events like Friday Night Magic and D&D Adventurers League. For Magic: The Gathering events, the DCI number is also used to track your wins on www.PlaneswalkerPoints.com .

What Wizards of the Coast services use the Wizards Account?

A Wizards Account is required for accessing the following services:

  • DCI number and associated information
  • Planeswalker Points site
  • Customer Service support site
  • Wizards Event Reporter (WER)
  • D&D Insider
  • Judge Center (effective early 2017)

What Wizards of the Coast Services do not use the Wizards Account?

The following services do not use the Wizards Account login information; you will want to continue to using your existing login information to access them:

  • Magic Duels
  • Magic Online

However, if you need assistance with one of these services, you’ll want to log into your Wizards Account and contact our Customer Service team.

How is D&D Insider affected by these changes?

D&D Insider uses your Wizards Account login information. If you haven’t logged in for a while, you’ll want to log into https://accounts.wizards.com using your email address and password. This will prompt you to create a Username and password for your Wizards Account which will allow you to access your D&D Insider subscriber content.

Can I see my current Planeswalker Points and standings?

Yes, you will still be able to view your standings, play history, top players in your region, and your achievements on the Planeswalker Points site. [http://www.wizards.com/magic/planeswalkerpoints]

Is Magic Online affected by these changes?

Not currently. To login into Magic Online you’ll continue to use your existing Magic Online login information which is different than your Wizards Account. If you need help accessing your Magic Online account, please contact our Customer Service team.

Will Magic Online be included as part of my Wizards Account in the future? If so, when?

Wizards of the Coast works hard to create the best possible experience for all our customers without disrupting the quality of the experience they have today. We're currently evaluating options for adding other services; however, we do not have additional information at this time.

I have multiple DCI accounts or I activated a DCI number given to me at an event. Can I merge these separate DCI accounts into one account?

Yes. To merge your accounts, you will want to contact our Customer Service team. They may request additional information (like your name, email address, date of birth, ZIP/Postal Code, or play history information) to assist them in locating your accounts to be combined.

I have one of the older paper DCI cards that I have not yet activated. Can I use this?

Yes. Go to https://accounts.wizards.com, select the option to “Activate DCI Number,” and enter the DCI number and activation code from your DCI card.

How do I customize my DCI card?

Log in to accounts.wizards.com and then click "Customize."

How will Wizards use my information?

Wizards of the Coast does not share your information with outside vendors. For a full explanation of our privacy policy statement, check here.

Will your websites and forums allow anonymous posting?

No, Wizards of the Coast websites will only allow posting by registered users.

Can I log in using my Facebook or Twitter account?

No, we currently only support logging in with your Wizards Account login ID and password.

Who do I contact if I need help with my Wizards Account or with other questions?

For further assistance, please contact our Wizards of the Coast Customer Service team.

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