Pro Tour Players Club Guidelines

Updated June 26, 2017

First Last Nationality Level
Corey Baumeister United States Gold
Michael Bonde Denmark Gold
Corey Burkhart United States Gold
Christian Calcano United States Gold
Marco Cammilluzzi Italy Gold
Pedro Carvalho Brazil Gold
Paul Cheon United States Gold
Ricky Chin Canada Gold
Jason Chung New Zealand Gold
Justin Cohen United States Gold
Patrick Cox United States Gold
Andrew Cuneo United States Gold
Pierre Dagen France Gold
Martin Dang Denmark Gold
Federico del Basso Italy Gold
Antonio Del Moral Leon Spain Gold
Jeremy Dezani France Gold
Patrick Dickmann Germany Gold
Javier Dominguez Spain Gold
Christopher Fennell United States Gold
Eric Froehlich United States Gold
Immanuel Gerschenson Austria Gold
Thomas Hendriks Netherlands Gold
Nathan Holiday United States Gold
Mike Hron Philippines Gold
Hao-Shan Huang Chinese Taipei Gold
Ben Hull Canada Gold
Yuuki Ichikawa Japan Gold
Mark Jacobson United States Gold
Grzegorz Kowalski Poland Gold
Dan Lanthier Canada Gold
Magnus Lantto Sweden Gold
Ari Lax United States Gold
Raphael Levy France Gold
Scott Lipp United States Gold
Yuchen Liu China Gold
Valentin Mackl Austria Gold
Tom Martell United States Gold
Makis Matsoukas Greece Gold
Josh McClain United States Gold
Shaun McLaren Canada Gold
David Mines Australia Gold
Shuhei Nakamura Japan Gold
Matthew Nass United States Gold
Simon Nielsen Denmark Gold
David Ochoa United States Gold
Greg Orange United States Gold
Brock Parker United States Gold
Rob Pisano United States Gold
Sebastian Pozzo Argentina Gold
Mattia Rizzi Italy Gold
Carlos Romao Brazil Gold
Tomoharu Saito Japan Gold
Eduardo Sajgalik Canada Gold
Luis Salvatto Argentina Gold
Matthew Severa United States Gold
Eric Severson United States Gold
Shahar Shenhar Israel Gold
Donald Smith United States Gold
Nathaniel Smith United States Gold
Ben Stark United States Gold
Jon Stern Canada Gold
Aleksa Telarov Serbia Gold
Samuel Tharmaratnam England Gold
Marc Tobiasch Germany Gold
Peter Vieren Belgium Gold
Benjamin Weitz United States Gold
Craig Wescoe United States Gold
Travis Woo United States Gold
Timothy Wu United States Gold
Kentaro Yamamoto Japan Gold
Jarvis Yu United States Gold
Ken Yukuhiro Japan Gold
Samuel Black United States Platinum
Lukas Blohon Czech Republic Platinum
Brian Braun-Duin United States Platinum
Andrew Brown United States Platinum
Marcio Carvalho Portugal Platinum
Kelvin Chew Singapore Platinum
Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa Brazil Platinum
Paul Dean Canada Platinum
Reid Duke United States Platinum
Lucas Esper Berthoud Brazil Platinum
Jon Finkel United States Platinum
Ivan Floch Slovakia Platinum
Alexander Hayne Canada Platinum
William Jensen United States Platinum
Martin Juza Czech Republic Platinum
Joel Larsson Sweden Platinum
Shi Tian Lee Hong Kong Platinum
Michael Majors United States Platinum
Seth Manfield United States Platinum
Pascal Maynard Canada Platinum
Andrea Mengucci Italy Platinum
Martin Müller Denmark Platinum
Brad Nelson United States Platinum
Niels Noorlander Netherlands Platinum
Samuel Pardee United States Platinum
Oliver Polak-Rottmann Austria Platinum
Paul Rietzl United States Platinum
Steven Rubin United States Platinum
Thiago Saporito Brazil Platinum
Luis Scott-Vargas United States Platinum
Mike Sigrist United States Platinum
Petr Sochurek Czech Republic Platinum
Ondrej Strasky Czech Republic Platinum
Kazuyuki Takimura Japan Platinum
Ryoichi Tamada Japan Platinum
Jiachen Tao United States Platinum
Gerry Thompson United States Platinum
Oliver Tiu United States Platinum
Owen Turtenwald United States Platinum
Josh Utter-Leyton United States Platinum
Yuuya Watanabe Japan Platinum
Jacob Wilson Canada Platinum
Shota Yasooka Japan Platinum
Ashraf Abou Omar Germany Silver
Matthew Anderson Australia Silver
Thomas Ashton United States Silver
Brandon Ayers United States Silver
Andrew Baeckstrom United States Silver
Ralph Betesh United States Silver
Alex Bianchi United States Silver
Kyle Boggemes United States Silver
Eliott Boussaud France Silver
Phillip Braverman United States Silver
Autumn Burchett England Silver
Brandon Burton United States Silver
Fabrizio Campanino Italy Silver
Gabriel Carleton-Barnes United States Silver
Daniel Cathro United States Silver
Patrick Chapin United States Silver
Joshua Cho United States Silver
Bill Chronopoulos Greece Silver
Yian Hsiang Chye Malaysia Silver
Stanislav Cifka Czech Republic Silver
Matthew Costa United States Silver
Ryan Cubit Australia Silver
Lars Dam Thailand Silver
Marcos Paulo de Jesus Freitas Brazil Silver
Louis Deltour France Silver
Brian DeMars United States Silver
Robin Dolar Slovenia Silver
Eduardo dos Santos Vieira Brazil Silver
Willy Edel Brazil Silver
Zac Elsik United States Silver
Eric English English United States Silver
Will Erker United States Silver
Gerard Fabiano United States Silver
Brandon Fischer United States Silver
Marcelino Freeman Mexico Silver
Ben Friedman United States Silver
Kazuaki Fujimura Japan Silver
Andreas Ganz Switzerland Silver
Francesco Giorgio England Silver
Daniel Gräfensteiner Germany Silver
Jon Graham United States Silver
Robert Graves United States Silver
Jesse Hampton United States Silver
Kenta Harane Japan Silver
Steve Hatto Luxembourg Silver
Julien Henry France Silver
Tyler Hill United States Silver
Michael Hinderaker United States Silver
Rich Hoaen Canada Silver
Martin Hrycej Czech Republic Silver
Arne Huschenbeth Germany Silver
Eugene Hwang United States Silver
Yoshihiko Ikawa Japan Silver
Toru Inoue Japan Silver
Jun Ishihara Japan Silver
Shintaro Ishimura Japan Silver
Maciej Janik Poland Silver
Adam Jansen United States Silver
Kevin Jones United States Silver
Teruya Kakumae Japan Silver
Frank Karsten Netherlands Silver
Anand Khare United States Silver
Scott Kirkwood United States Silver
Wenzel Krautmann Germany Silver
Jan Ksandr Czech Republic Silver
Matti Kuisma Finland Silver
Riku Kumagai Japan Silver
Christoffer Larsen Denmark Silver
Charles League United States Silver
Frank Lepore United States Silver
Bartlomiej Lewandowski Poland Silver
Zhong Yi Lim Singapore Silver
Cody Lingelbach United States Silver
Rodrigo Lopez Chile Silver
Christopher Lossett United States Silver
Eli Loveman United States Silver
Alex Majlaton United States Silver
Joey Manner United States Silver
Fumiya Matsumoto Japan Silver
Yuki Matsumoto Japan Silver
Shawn Mcneace United States Silver
Max Mcvety United States Silver
Jonathan Melamed Brazil Silver
Guilherme Merjam Brazil Silver
Ross Merriam United States Silver
Davide Miani Italy Silver
Makihito Mihara Japan Silver
Niels Molle England Silver
Jonathan Morawski United States Silver
Katsuhiro Mori Japan Silver
Takuma Morofuji Japan Silver
Matteo Moure Italy Silver
Dan Musser United States Silver
Jacob Nagro United States Silver
gabriel nassif France Silver
Stephen Neal United States Silver
Branco Neirynck Belgium Silver
Thien Nguyen United States Silver
Neal Oliver United States Silver
Panagiotis Papadopoulos Greece Silver
Kayure Patel England Silver
Raymond Perez United States Silver
Ruben Perez Spain Silver
Evan Petre United States Silver
Andrejs Prost Latvia Silver
Adam Ragsdale Canada Silver
Thierry Ramboa France Silver
Ben Rubin United States Silver
Bernardo Santos Portugal Silver
Christian Seibold Germany Silver
Chapman Sim Singapore Silver
Brett Sinclair United States Silver
Alex Sittner United States Silver
Jason Smyth United States Silver
Shaheen Soorani United States Silver
Aekarash Sorakup Thailand Silver
Arnaud Soumet France Silver
Matthew Sperling United States Silver
Hironobu Sugaya Japan Silver
Jonathan Sukenik United States Silver
Andrew Sullano United States Silver
Adrian Sullivan United States Silver
Zen Takahashi New Zealand Silver
Shota Takao Japan Silver
Patrick Tierney United States Silver
Hitoshi Tomomura Japan Silver
Kenji Tsumura Japan Silver
Yusuf Kemal Vefa Turkey Silver
Gaudenis Vidugiris Lithuania Silver
Artur Villela Brazil Silver
Samuel Vuillot France Silver
Noah Walker United States Silver
Dan Ward United States Silver
Serafin Wellinger Switzerland Silver
Qi Wentao China Silver
Jelger Wiegersma Netherlands Silver
Vidianto Wijaya United States Silver
Aryeh Wiznitzer United States Silver
Charles Wong United States Silver
Gary Wong United States Silver
Allen Wu United States Silver
Kon Fai Wu Hong Kong Silver
Wing Chun Yam Hong Kong Silver
Soohwang Yeem United States Silver

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