2015 Magic Online Championship Series

Veröffentlicht in Magic Online on 24. November 2014

Von David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Do you have what it takes to beat some of the best gamers in Magic Online and be crowned the 2015 Magic Online Champion?

The Magic: The Gathering Online Championship Series, also known as MOCS, is a monthly series of events, broken into twelve seasons, in which players can earn promo cards. Top players can also earn an invitation to the annual in-person Magic Online Championship event, as well as a Pro Tour event.

Each MOCS season is approximately one month long. See the exact schedule below for details. Throughout each season, players earn Qualifier Points (QPs) by playing in events that award QPs as part of their prize structure. Players can start earning 2015 Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) Qualifier Points after the November 26, 2014 downtime. At the end of each season, players may enter MOCS Preliminaries and Finals if they have earned enough QPs to qualify:

  • Players who earn 15 or more QPs qualify for the Season Preliminaries where they can play for a chance to earn enough QPs to enter the Finals.
  • Players who earn 35 or more QPs can bypass the Preliminaries and enter the Season Finals directly.

The winners of each Season Finals will earn an invitation to participate in the Magic Online Championship and the opportunity to compete at the Pro Tour corresponding to their season win.

The sixteen 2015 Magic Online Championship finalists will be comprised of:

  • The defending 2014 Magic Online champion
  • Twelve individual Magic Online Championship Series season winners
  • The MOCS Player-of-the-Year Championship winner
  • Two MOCS Last Chance Qualifier winners

There are some differences to how players can earn MOCS promos this time around! In previous years, we have granted a MOCS promo card to every player with 15 or more QPs. For the 2015 MOCS, we are expanding this. Now each player gets a MOCS Season promo card for every 15 Qualifier Points during a MOCS regular season. If you have 30 or more, you’ll get two. If you have 45 or more, you’ll get three, and so on. You also can still earn additional promo cards, as well as premium promo cards, by placing highly in Preliminaries and Finals.

For the full details, rules, and a schedule of events, refer to the 2015 Magic Online Championship Series page.

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