Vintage Super League Episode 3

Veröffentlicht in Magic Online on 17. Februar 2015

Von Randy Buehler

Tonight it is time for Week 3 of Vintage Super League. Tune in to to see ten hand-picked Magic celebrities do battle in the game's oldest and most powerful format.

You can watch archives of previous Vintage Super League shows here.

You can read more about Vintage Super League here.

You can view Vintage Super League decklists here.

The big match this week has got to be the one between Hall of Famers Kai Budde and Luis Scott-Vargas. These are two of the best five players who have ever played the game (arguably #1 all-time and #3 all-time).

We went an entire season without a first-turn kill last year, but in Week 2 Luis piloted his Doomsday deck to the second turn-one-kill of this new season. You can see Luis’s deck here and if you like to play Magic: the Puzzling you should try putting it together, shuffling up some test draws, and trying to kill a goldfish with it. Figuring out how to put together the right pile of five cards when you resolve a Doomsday is one of Vintage’s real pleasures.

Luis actually only needed three turns to win his entire match last week. Here, watch!

LSV vs. Kai is not the only big match this week. Two of our remaining three undefeated players happen to be paired this week as defending champion Stephen Menendian takes on red-hot Eric Froehlich in a Delver mirror match. The other undefeated player, Chris Pikula, takes on another old school pro as David Williams tries his best to get into the win column for the first time with his Dredge deck. Dredge is actually 0-4 on the season so far as Tom Martell has also opened with a pair of losses. Martell will try to right the ship against Bob Maher while Rich Shay tries to right his own ship in our second Kai Budde match of the week (as he makes up for missing Week 1). No matter how good those matches are, though, it’s hard to compete with the star power of our headliners. Just look at these numbers!

Watch the Vintage Super League Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC-8) on!

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