Magic Online Announcements October 6, 2014: PTQ Make-Up Date

Posted in Magic Online on October 6, 2014

By Worth Wollpert

Hi all,

As some of you may be aware, there were some issues with deck submission in the very early stages of the Top 8 round from yesterday's PTQ.

While the tournament ran to completion and crowned a winner, we acknowledge that the experiences of the Top 8 competitors were not acceptable, and we have decided to remake the Top 8 for 12 noon, Pacific time, on Sunday, November 9, for those eight players.

We will, of course, be honoring the Top 8 from yesterday's event in full as it stands, and all prizes from this newly created event will be as they normally would. In the case that our winner from yesterday's event, THEsneakyhomunculous, wins the make-up event, the Pro Tour invitation and associated invitation to the Pro Tour Challenge will pass to the 2nd-place finisher; all other prizes will stay as granted.

In short, what happened yesterday is that we made a mistake. Ideally, the issue yesterday would have been caught immediately after Round 1 began; our DEC in charge of the tournament would have cancelled the event at that point; and, per our policy, the DEC would have set up a re-draft with all eight players. This was not done, and we will be more diligent about this in the future through (in part) increased communication on all fronts, both internally and externally.

There is a fine line between running events at this level online, where there is the chance of an issue (while trying to be very clear about our policies and process in case of a problem) versus simply not running them at all. While we did encounter an issue yesterday, we still feel that more players are overall being served by the current system than by just cancelling the events altogether, and since their return several months ago, Magic Online has made many players happy by providing them a shot at the Pro Tour and competing in the highest level of play possible.

Clearly, the real long-term solution is the overall improvement of the entire Magic Online experience, and we are working tirelessly to provide that. To that end, the builds going out later this month should provide noticeable improvements for huge classes of users.

We are sorry for the way things were handled yesterday and are committed to making it right.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Worth Wollpert
Director—Product Development, Magic Online

P.S. As a reminder, if you are in a MOCS or PTQ finals, the best way to communicate with the DEC running the event is in the channel appropriate to that event.

The steps to get to the right place:

  1. Open Chat
  2. Click the + to start or join a chat
  3. Type #PTQ or #MOCS (dependent on the event you are in)
  4. Click "Create New"

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