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Posted in Magic Online New Players on May 6, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to Magic Online! Here, you’ll be able to get the authentic Magic experience anytime, anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection. With opponents on-demand, daily tournaments, and a Game Support team available 24-7, there’s only a few simple steps separating you from your next duel. Crack open your New Player Starter Kit, build a deck, and find a match!

Open Your New Player Starter Kit

You've signed up for an account and downloaded the Magic Online client—all you need now is the instant collection that comes with your New Player Starter Kit.

The Collection Scene is where you can find the entirety of your Magic Online collection, as well as where you can search for cards you don't own yet—it's also where you'll find your Starter Kit! Click the other products tab to find your Starter Kit.

Right-click on the New Player Starter Kit and select "open 1 of these."

Now, the contents will be added to your collection!

Check out the Collection and Deckbuilding tutorial video for a visual walkthrough of opening your Starter Kit and a guide to navigating your collection.

Up next: Building a deck!

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Build a Deck

One of the greatest things about Magic Online is the level of deck customization options that are available. The same copy of a card can exist in a hundred different decks if you wanted it to. No more worrying about finding deck boxes and sleeves—your digital collection will stay fresh no matter how many shuffles you run it through. But before you get lost in endless deck tinkering, you'll need to learn the basics. Ryan Spain, digital designer for R&D, wrote a great article on editing decks within Magic Online. The below text is an excerpt from that article.

If you prefer video tutorials, check out the Collection and Deck Building video. Feel comfortable with the Collection Scene already? Jump right to the deck building portion.

Starting a New Deck

Once in the Colleciton Scene, you'll need to make sure you have "Cards" selected to view your full Magic Online collection and create a deck.

You can start a new deck by clicking the “New Deck” icon in the lower left corner, or in the deck area if no deck is open. You can also double-click on a card or right-click on a card when no deck is open to start a new deck containing that card.

Building and Editing a Deck

To add cards to the open deck, you can double-click on a card in the Matches section, or right click on a card and choose one of the “Add…” options in the subsequent menu.

Your deck will save when you navigate away from the Collection Scene or complete another action. If you are just tinkering and don’t want to overwrite your deck contents accidentally, right-click on a deck and choose “Open a new copy of this deck” in the menu.

If there are any problems with your deck given its format, you will see a caution icon next to the deck name. Right-click on the icon to view a list of the problems with your deck.

Once you correct the listed issues, and the deck is legal in its selected format, the caution icon will disappear.

You can sort and view your deck in different ways; explore the options by right-clicking in the deck area. You can also adjust the dividers between the four sections of the Collection tab, allowing you to customize your view.

If your deck is constructed legally and all the cards in it are in your collection, there will be no caution symbol and you are ready to play. Head to the Play Lobby and find a challenger!

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Find a Match

You've opened up your New to Magic Online Starter Kit, explored the Collection Scene, and built your deck—now it's time to put your new collection to use.

New to Magic Online Events are designed to help you hone your Magic Online prowess. These Events will help familiarize you with the way Magic Online Events work and how the Duel Scene functions. It might be helpful to start out by watching the Magic Online Tournaments video tutorial for information on joining events, or go on a tour of the Play Lobby. For those who prefer a written guide, refer to this article by Ryan Spain.

New to Magic Online Event Queues

These Phantom Draft and Standard Events are always available in the Limited and Constructed Queues. When you're in any New to Magic Online Event, you'll never be eliminated before the event ends, maximizing your time to play!

The New to Magic Online Phantom Draft Queue event costs 4 New Player Points to enter. Players can find within the Limited Queues section of the Play Lobby. Please note, Limited New to Magic Online Events are Phantom, which means that cards from the event will not be added to your collection.

The New to Magic Online Standard Queue event costs 2 New Player Points and can be found in the Constructed Queues room of the Play Lobby.

Need help with the Queues? This video should point you in the right direction.

Used all your New Player Points, but want to play more? Enter into Scheduled Events or Queues using a variety of Entry Options, or find a game in the Open Play Lobby.

Have Fun!

These tips and resources will help set your path to greatness. Head over to the News and Help Resources article to learn the best ways to stay current on Magic Online news, as well as where to go when you need assistance. You can also dive into the What is Magic Online page for tons of video tutorials of the client.

Want to get more cards for your collection? You can purchase booster packs and other products from the Store Scene. You can also win booster packs through certain events! Check out the Events Schedule page for current Magic Online events.

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