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Posted in Magic Online on September 9, 2014

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Aug. 27 - Sept. 24
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For the past several months, there have been training montages taking place across the globe as people prepared themselves for the Vintage and Vintage Masters Championships. Many staircases were triumphantly climbed and many logins to Magic Online were made but, in the end, eight players rose to the top in both championship finals.

Vintage Constructed Championship Top 8 Vintage Masters Championship Top 8
  • Montolio
  • youhavenogame
  • ChubbyRain
  • destoy3d
  • Donwon
  • Asmo
  • Alexandrino
  • Ares80
  • NovaSandler
  • RiseAgainstThe0rcs
  • littledarwin
  • oRS
  • Chris.westerlund
  • drVendigo
  • Josh_058

Some of the most skilled players on Magic Online had Magic's most powerful cards at their disposal for the Vintage and Vintage Masters Championships! JUGEIA and Montolio were tasked with pulling together a deck of the best cards from Magic's history, all while being aware of the multitude of threats they might go up against in such a powerful format. Meanwhile, Ares80 and NovaSandler had their resourcefulness put to the test in the Vintage Masters Championship, where anticipating their opponents and knowing the set inside and out would be absolute necessities to becoming the Champion. Check out the play-by-plays below to see which two players walked away as Champions!

Vintage Masters Championship Recap

Both competitors played three color in the final match of the Vintage Masters Championship. NovaSandler played Mardu (RWB) with a lot of smaller threats, heavily utilizing the Shadow and Flank mechanics, as well as generous token generation via Goblin Trenches and Battle Screech. Ares80 played Grixis, using a lot of resilient, low cost creatures, compounded with card draw and burn spells, to work into some huge creature threats and fliers later in the game. Both competitors played particularly aggressive decks, but one aimed to overwhelm with small creatures and the other with a few large ones. Let's see who came out on top!

Game One

NovaSandler started out swinging on game one with a turn one Carnophage before Ares80's Wall of Diffusion stopped it in its tracks. Temporarily stalled, NovaSandler cycled away Noble Templar to build a better land base and exiled Ares80's Krovikan Sorcerer to keep Ares80 from adding card advantage on top of a formidable wall. Ares80 was able to take advantage of this by using Animate Dead on NovaSandler's Noble Templar to drop a second defensive threat onto the field.

From behind the Templar and Wall of Diffusion, Ares80 made sure that NovaSandler couldn't gain traction by burning a Benalish Trapper, Counterspelling a Gustcloak Harrier, and chipping away with the vigilant Templar turn after turn. Ares80 finally hit five land and dropped Flowstone Hellion onto the field, attacking and lowering NovaSandler to 7 life. It was looking grim for NovaSandler.

Just in time, NovaSandler played a Battle Screech to place two 1/1 bird tokens onto the field then, in the same turn, cast Battle Screech again using its Flashback condition to bring an additional two 1/1 bird tokens onto the field, flipping the creature count from three to seven in a single turn! In a few deft moves, NovaSandler completely shifted the board state, destroying the attacking Flowstone Hellion and throwing enough tokens into the fray that Ares80's Wall of Diffusion was overwhelmed. NovaSandler was not able to flip life totals, however, and with Ares80's Killer Whale still on the field, and NovaSandler at only 2 life, it was unclear how NovaSandler would win the game. Ares80 Expunged NovaSandler's last flying token, giving NovaSandler no other choice but to concede the game.

Game Two

NovaSandler got off to a strong start in game two with both a Fallen Askari and Gustcloak Harrier on the field by turn three. Meanwhile, Ares80 cycled and used Choking Tethers in an attempt to mitigate NovaSandler's momentum while building a mana base. The match tipped further in NovaSandler's favor with a second Fallen Askari, then a Predatory Nightstalker the next turn which destroyed Tradewind Rider, Ares80's only creature on the field. At 14 life, with no creatures on the board, Ares80 knew the odds weren't good and conceded the game on Turn 5.

Game Three

Game three started off similarly to game two, with NovaSandler playing Soltari Trooper on turn 2 and Ares80 Cycling into more land. This time, Ares80 had a threat to play with that mana, and brought a Keeneye Aven to the field on turn 4. Goblin Trenches made an early appearance on NovaSandler's turn 4, providing a handy way to churn out some small tokens and keep the early lead. From there, creatures traded fast and loose.

Ares80's Goblin Commando entered the field, destroying Soltari Trooper in the process then NovaSandler Swords to Plowshared Keeneye Aven, leaving both players with one creature on the field and giving Ares80 an edge of a single life point. Pushing that momentum, Ares80 played a Tradewind Rider and swung in with Goblin Commando, forcing NovaSandler to sacrifice a land in order to make some Goblin Soldier tokens to block with. NovaSandler played another Fallen Askari, and Ares80 played Chartooth Cougar, leaving them toe-to-toe on creature count once again. Unfortunately for NovaSandler, Ares80's creatures were considerably more dangerous and had an ever growing amount of land behind them, as Ares80 continued to cycle into an unknown threat.

In an attempt to pull ahead, NovaSandler sacrificed four lands to bring eight Goblin Solider tokens to the field and attacked with everything for a total of 15 points of damage on the ground. Through deft maneuvering of creatures and Chartooth Cougar's ability, Ares80 kept all three creatures on the board, and managed to destroy two of NovaSandler's creatures, as well as two Goblin Soldier tokens. It was unclear which way the match would go until Ares80 played Rorix Bladewing and rained devastation from the air until NovaSandler conceded the game.

Congratulations Ares80! Check out how the Vintage Limited Champ builds a Sealed deck!

Ares80's Grixis Deck

Vintage Championship Recap

Denial was the name of the game in the Vintage Championships with both players playing Artifact-heavy Workshop decks. Between Montolio and JUGEIAA, only four creature spells were cast across all games combined, and three of those were Phyrexian Revokers. Yes, the Vintage Championship was a neck-and-neck race to lock the opponent down. With such similar play styles, the finals came down to pure skill and reading the opponent. But who won? Find out below!

Game One

JUGEIA started out game one with an Ancient Tomb and Mox Ruby into Phyrexian Revoker, naming Black Lotus as the card it would be revoking. Montolio decided that two could play at that game and played a Chalice of the Void with no charge counters so that both players would be unable to cast zero mana spells—making the Mox Ruby likely to be the only Mox on the battlefield. Montolio then dropped a Thorn of Amethyst and a Cavern of Souls (naming Golems) across the next few turns, attempting to lock down JUGEIA's spell casting.

JUGEIA continued attacking several turns in a row with the Phyrexian Revoker and built up enough mana to then drop Tangle Wire, turning the tables on Montolio. Sacrificing a Wasteland, Montolio took out JEGEIA's Ancient Tomb, taking away some mana generation and also narrowing JEGEIA's choices for which cards to Tangle Wire once JUGEIA's turn came around again. JEGEIA responded by doing the same: sacrificing a Wasteland to destroy Montolio's Ancient Tomb before dropping Mishra's Workshop to summon a Phyrexian Metamorph, copying Montolio's Thorn of Amethyst. For the next two turns, when it came time to choose which cards to Tangle Wire, Montolio had to tap out everything on the battlefield, and was completely unable to do anything except wait for the Tangle Wire to fade away.

Between driving up the cost of noncreatures, tapping out most of Montolio's board each turn, and keeping a steady flow of damage coming from Phyrexian Revoker, as well as a late Lodestone Golem on the last two turns, JUGEIA gained a bigger and bigger lead until Montolio finally had to concede the game.

Game Two

Montolio started the game out with a Black Lotus, Mox Ruby, and Cavern of Souls (naming Constructs) to get some big mana generation on the board, plus a Thorn of Amethyst to drive up the cost of noncreature spells. JUGEIA had just the cards needed to counter this strategy, however, and Ancient Tombed into Mox Pearl, into Sol Ring, into a Phyrexian Revoker which, once again, revoked that Black Lotus, leaving JUGEIA not only with more mana generation on the board, but also a creature.

No matter how many tricks Montolio had, JUGEIA was able to stay a step ahead. Montolio Wastelanded JUGEIA's Ancient Tomb, but JUGEIA dropped Crucible of Worlds in order to pull it back from the graveyard. Montolio was the first one to spring a Tangle Wire in game two, but JUGEIA had so many artifacts on the battlefield that didn't need to tap to activate, that it wasn't much of an inconvenience. To compound troubles for Montolio, JUGEIA was also able to get Smokestack onto the battlefield which, along with Mishra's Factory and the two Revokers on the field, forced Montolio to destroy permanents turn after turn, while JUGEIA continued to bolster forces. Several turns after Smokestack came out, Montolio conceded the game.

Congratulations JUGEIA! And now, for the winning decklist:

JUGEIA's Workshop Deck

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