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Posted in Magic Online on August 5, 2015

By David Whitfield

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UPDATE 8/18/2015: This article has been updated with a frequently asked questions section to address questions we've been getting about the Legendary Cube and Prize Packs.


Commander is a blast and the recently announced Commander (2015 Edition) is sure to be awesome. While there aren’t many things that are more fun than leading an army of creatures into battle with a Legend at the forefront, we’ve come up with a great new way to play on Magic Online for anyone who’s a fan of Magic’s most powerful creatures and game-changing spells, all wrapped up in one legendary package. Today, we’re happy to announce the Legendary Cube, coming to Magic Online on November 18, 2015!

You might have guessed it from the name, but for the initial run of the Legendary Cube, every creature will be legendary. When legendary creatures enter the battlefield, they are an immediate threat, possessing effects so powerful that they can alter the fundamental rules of Magic. In this Cube dominated by legendaries, a clash of titans—legendary against legendary—will be the most effective way to battle, comboing together huge splashy effects into an overwhelming onslaught against your opponent. The drastically different take on play style isn't the only thing that sets this Cube apart from our current Cubes in rotation—this time around you'll be able to win cards from the Cube for your collection.

That’s the Legendary Cube Prize Pack. Traditionally, Cube Drafts have not awarded prizes outside of points that you can use as entry into another event. We’ll still be awarding Play Points with the Legendary Cube, but if you play well enough, you’ll also be rewarded with Legendary Cube Prize Packs that contains six cards from a selection of 149 cards. Many Prize Pack cards will be appear in the Legendary Cube, but there will be additional cards included that aren’t on the Cube list as well.

Legendary Cube Prize Packs will have cards from the newly released Commander (2015 Edition), as well as Commander (2014 Edition), Commander (2013 Edition), Magic the Gathering Commander, Conspiracy, Planechase (2012 Edition), and Commander's Arsenal sets (the 56 cards included from Commander 2015 will make up the vast majority of the ones that are new to Magic Online). These are all multiplayer products, but non-Commander players will find sought-after cards in Prize Packs that will help in Legacy and Vintage play too. Prize Packs won’t be purchasable in the store but they will be tradeable—this is a change from when this article was originally published.

We’ll keep players updated with more details about the cards included in the Legendary Cube, event details, and Prize Pack contents as we get closer to release!

Legendary Cube Frequently Asked Questions

We've been getting a lot of questions around the Legendary Cube and the Prize Packs that will launch alongside it, so we've gathered up some of the most frequently asked questions and included answers below!

Can I trade Prize Packs?

Yes, you can. This is a change from the original announcement but, due to popular demand, we've decided to make these boosters tradeable.

What is the relationship between the cards in the Prize Packs and the cards in the Legendary Cube?

They are an independent selection of 149 cards. Some cards in the Legendary Cube might not be in Prize Packs and vice versa, but many will be included. This is also a change form the original announcement where it was stated that there were 150 cards in Prize Packs, and that they would all be from the Legendary Cube.

Are the Commander (2015 Edition) decks still going to be sold in the Magic Online Store?

No, Commander (2015 Edition) decks will not be available in the Magic Online Store. Prize Packs will be the only way to get the new Commander (2015 Edition) cards on Magic Online. Every new card from Commander (2015 Edition) will be available on Magic Online.

What’s the breakdown of Commander (2015 Edition) cards compared to cards from previous sets within each Prize Pack?

There are 56 Commander (2015 Edition) cards in Prize Packs.

Will the rare/mythic always be a Commander (2015 Edition) card?

It will not, no. Of the rare and mythic rare pool, 41 out of 79 will be from Commander (2015 Edition).

Because so many legendary characters are represented in the Legendary Cube, will the prize pack contain more than one rare and mythic rare?

Nope, still one rare or mythic rare. Each Prize Pack will contain one rare or mythic rare and five uncommons.

How long will Legendary Cube events run? I want to try and get everything from the Prize Packs!

For their first run, Legendary Cube events will be available from November 18 through December 11.

A Cube that's all legendaries? How are games going to play out?

We could talk about all of the awesome game-changing combos that a Cube full of legendaries is capable of, how this Cube has been specifically tuned so that players will have plenty of opportunities to harness that legendary power to swing the momentum of a game in their favor, or the good times we've been having while play testing, but it's difficult to capture just how fun the Legendary Cube can be and how well it plays without seeing it yourself.

To show off the Legendary Cube, not only will we be releasing more information about the contents of the Cube as we get closer to release, we'll also be running a special preview Streamer Showdown event on November 11 where a cast consisting of some of Magic Online's greatest streamers will be putting the Cube through its paces live on Twitch!

Legendary Cube Credits

Initial Concept and Game Design: Randy Buehler


Final Game Design and Development: Adam Prosak (lead), Jackie Lee, and Robert Schuster


Magic Online Product Manager: Eli Shapiro


Magic Online Design Team: Ryan Spain (manager), Allison Medwin (editor), Robert Schuster and James Sooy


Magic Online Software Engineers: Matt Gregory (lead), Adam Balk, Chris Haukap, Alexis Janson, Josh Mannebach, Stacy Smyth (outside consultant), Ryan Printz, and Pete White


Magic Online Technical Artist: Jesse Raymond


Magic Online Card Set Project Managers: Aaron McLin, Kenmoro Kelly


Quality Assurance Leads: Cody Culp and Janson Smalling


Quality Assurance SDET: Chris Proehl



Release Language: English-Only (This is a Magic Online-only offering)


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