Magic Online Feedback Program—Second Survey

Posted in Magic Online on December 7, 2015

By Brandon Kreines

Welcome to the second survey in our new Feedback Program! The first survey asked you about Magic Online Prerelease events, if you missed it, you can see the results of the first survey here.

This month’s survey dives in to Play Points and Leagues. The introduction of Play Points on August 12th created a big change for many Magic Online players. Now that players have had several months to use Play Points, we want to hear your thoughts! Have we met our goals with the introduction of Play Points?

Perhaps the other biggest change to Magic Online this year was the launch of Constructed Leagues. We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback on Leagues but would like to ask a few specific questions to help us make Leagues even better.

We expect this survey to take about 5 to 10 minutes. So if you’re ready, click here to take the survey!

As a reminder, if you are having any issues with Magic Online that you need help with or want to discuss, the best thing to do is to contact game support. If you'd like to give feedback outside of these surveys you can email us here. And if you've experienced a bug or have another issue to report please do so here.

Brandon Kreines
Assistant Digital Product Manager—Magic Online

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