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Posted in Magic Online on September 7, 2015

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Hundreds of players fought their way through the qualifiers leading up to the Magic Origins Championship Finals. Sparks were ignited left and right along the way but, when the smoke cleared, only sixteen Planeswalkers were ready to compete for the title of Magic Online Magic Origins Champion.

Congratulations to the Magic Origins Championship Finals Top 8 players!

Magic Origins Limited Championship Finals Top 8 Magic Origins Standard Championship Finals Top 8
Sneaky homunkulus

The final matches came down to Robotique and nyord in the Magic Origins Limited Championship Finals, and ryota09 and Sneaky homunkulus in the Magic Origins Standard Championship Finals. How did the victors triumph over their competition? Let's take a look at how each match unfolded.

Magic Origins Limited Championship Finals Recap




With plenty of removal, a Gaea's Revenge, and a few Nantuko Husks (plus plenty of cheap creatures to sacrifice to them), Robotique went into the Magic Origins Limited Championship Finals with an intimidating black-green deck.

nyord's deck consisted mostly of artifacts, with some great red and blue cards thrown in to support the theme. With Abbot of Keral Keep and Sword of the Animist, nyord had the ability to unleash a huge army of machines very quickly if left unchecked.

Did Robotique reanimate, sacrifice, and smash to victory, or was nyord able to overwhelm the battle with an army of artifact creatures? Read on to see who emerged as the Champion of the Magic Origins Limited Finals!

Game 1

Game 1 was off to a good start for nyord. Controlling the field through turn four, nyord sacrificed an Abbot of Keral Keep to trade with Robotique's lone creature, a Deadbridge Shaman. This exchange forced nyord to discard a card due to the Shaman's ability, but the Abbot of Keral Keep made it to the field a bit early anyways, and it allowed nyord's Bonded Construct to charge in with another creature as soon as one was played.

That same turn, Robotique played Llanowar Empath, scrying twice and revealing a Gaea's Revenge with the Empath's ability. nyord needed to win before Robotique was able to play Gaea's Revenge in order to have a shot at Game 1.

nyord went into a full attack, playing a Ramroller that became a 4/3 with the Bonded Construct already on the field. Robotique had an answer to the Ramroller, however, and used Unholy Hunger to destroy it once a third Swamp hit the battlefield. Without Ramroller, nyord's Bonded Construct was dead in the water.

Luckily, nyord had some more artifacts ready and played a Guardian Automaton to the field. Robotique simply played a land and passed the turn—needing only one more land to play Gaea's Revenge. nyord played a Ghirapur Gearcrafter and traded the Bonded Construct with Llanowar Empath, but Robotique finally had enough land to play Gaea's Revenge. The hasty, uncounterable behemoth began to attack.

nyord held on for quite a while, playing several cheap creatures to block Gaea's Revenge in an attempt to find an answer for it, but with tons of removal, a Nantuko Husk, and plenty of zombies to sacrifice to it, Robotique took Game 1.

Game 2

Game 2 got off to a much better start for nyord. By turn four, Robotique had only been able to play a single Nantuko Husk, and nyord had managed to get a Sword of the Animist onto the field for any one of a legion of artifact creatures to wield.

Robotique was able to get a second Nantuko Husk onto the field. Through crafty blocking, Robotique avoided damage from the Ramroller by sacrificing one Nantuko Husk to give +2/+2 to the other. Even better, the now-larger Husk was able to destroy nyord's Runed Servitor wielding the Sword of the Animist. Unfortunately for Robotique, nyord had another Ramroller in-hand and played the now 4/3 in the second main phase.

With the card advantage provided by Abbot of Keral Keep (especially with all of the extra land from Sword of the Animist) plus a fleet of Ramrollers, Robotique saw there was no way to turn things around and conceded Game 2.

Game 3

nyord started the game off similarly to Game 2, playing a Runed Servitor on turn two. For the deciding game, Robotique was not going to let nyord get ahead on creatures and immediately used Reave Soul to destroy the Runed Servitor.

Despite destroying the Runed Servitor, it looked like nyord was building up another legion of creatures—a Boggart Brute and Guardian Automaton were already on the field, and Sword of the Animist was threatening to drop at any time. With a well-timed Conclave Naturalists, Robotique tipped the scales, leaving nyord with the lone Brute.

Sure enough, nyord had Sword of the Animist in-hand and equipped the Boggart Brute with the blade. To avoid giving nyord free lands, Robotique blocked the menacing Brute with both creatures. nyord assigned damage to the Naturalists first, leaving the Undead Servant as the only creature on the battlefield.

Choosing to keep the lead on creature-count, Robotique allowed nyord's newly played Firefiend Elemental to become renowned, which made much more sense on turn seven when Robotique destroyed it with Unholy Hunger.

The Abbot of Keral Keep made a well-timed appearance—with plenty of land on the field from Sword of the Animist, nyord was able to play the newly exiled Separatist Voidmage and bounce the Undead Servant to Robotique's hand.

Things were looking pretty good for nyord, but whatever Robotique got from Gather the Pack would hang over the battlefield as an uncomfortable mystery.

Robotique slowly began to gain control of the game, playing Eyeblight Assassin to eliminate the card advantage nyord had been getting from Abbot of Keral Keep.

Separatist Voidmage, already armed with Sword of the Animist, equipped Veteran's Sidearm and attacked into the two 2/2 creatures Robotique controlled. Double-blocking to destroy the Voidmage, nyord added insult to injury by playing a Ramroller, and equipping it with both artifacts—making it a 6/5 on an empty battlefield. . .

. . .which was quickly blocked and destroyed by a Titanic Growthed Undead Servant.

No matter how many huge creatures nyord played, they were quickly destroyed through a combination of removal spells and expertly triggered abilities. Prickleboar bit the dust after being forced by Wild Instincts to fight a freshly buffed Nantuko Husk.

nyord attempted to destroy the dangerous Nantuko Husk with Reclusive Artificer's triggered ability, dealing two damage to the Husk, but Robotique sacrificed the Llanowar Empath to the Husk, making it a 4/4.

nyord attacked with Reclusive Artificer, hoping to bring Robotique's life total closer to nyord's 6. As it turned out, this is what won Robotique the game. Robotique played an Undead Servant—creating a Zombie with its ability—and a Shaman of the Pack, then began a mass sacrifice to the Nantuko Husk. With no creatures to block, nyord could not win and conceded the game.

Congratulations to


for winning the Magic Origins Limited Championship Finals!

Check out Robotique's winning decklist below.

Robotique's Finals Deck

Magic Origins Draft
Download Arena Decklist


Magic Origins Standard Championship Finals Recap



Sneaky homunkulus

We had somewhat of a mirror match in the Magic Origins Standard Championship Finals match: Blue-Red Artifact against Blue-Red Artifact. Ryota09's deck leaned more heavily towards the red side of the spectrum with four Pia and Kiran Nalaars filling the ranks, whereas Sneaky homunkulus was more blue-focused, favoring Whirler Rogues to make creatures unblockable. Who manufactured their Thopters the most effectively? Read on to find out!

Game 1

A turn-two Hangarback Walker was a great way for ryota09 to start off Game 1. Unfortunately for ryota09, it didn't take much longer for Sneaky homunkulus to cast Phyrexian Revoker, naming Hangarback Walker. In response, ryota09 paid to activate Hangarback Walker's ability, making it a 2/2. Then, in that same turn's end step, ryota09 cast Shrapnel Blast, sacrificing the Hangarback walker to deal five damage directly to Sneaky homunkulus and create two Thopters in the process.

All it took was one Chief of the Foundry to make ryota09's growing fleet of Thopters much more formidable. With nothing to block with, Sneaky homunkulus took another five damage from ryota09's air forces—knocking Sneaky down to 10 life.

After a Shrapnel Blast from Sneaky homunkulus, both players were matched at 10 life. From then on, it was a fairly even race to see who could get the other within burn range. With two Blue-Red Artifact decks, another Shrapnel Blast could be waiting around any corner.

Sure enough, the final play came down to Sneaky homunkulus casting Shrapnel Blast and ryota09 responding with another Shrapnel Blast—which Sneaky homunkulus then stubbornly denied for a Game 1 win.

Game 2

Just like Game 1, a Hangarback Walker was the first creature to enter the battlefield. This time, however, it was being controlled by Sneaky homunculus and it got a buddy on turn four.

Sneaky's army of Thopters continued to grow, after a Hangarback Walker fell in combat and a Whirler Rogue deployed two more.

Ryota09's fleet wasn't as plentiful, but Thopters are much more threatening with two Chief of the Foundrys on the field.

With so many blockers available, Sneaky homunkulus made use of Whirler Rogue's ability to sneak a Hangarback Walker and itself through for 6 damage.

Ryota tried to Shrapnel Blast the Whirler Rogue, but was denied.

Sneaky homunkulus hadn't expected to be in danger at 14 life, but a well-timed Searing Blood destroyed a Thopter, dealt 3 damage to Sneaky, then ryota09 swung with everything for 11 points of damage, bringing Sneaky's life total straight to 0.

Game 3

Ryota09 was off to a pretty ideal start for Game 3. The turn-three Thopter Engineer on top of the turn-two Hangarback Walker was particularly devastating to Sneaky homunkulus, who had mulliganed to five.

Stuck on two lands, Sneaky homunkulus was finally able to get a creature out on turn five. While ryota09 did have many of the tools needed to win, nothing was on the field that could buff Thopters yet, so Sneaky homunkulus was still sitting at 16 life to ryota09's 21.

Then a Chief of the Foundry hit the battlefield, making life significantly more difficult for Sneaky homunkulus. In one fell swoop, Sneaky was knocked down to 9 life.

Hoping to draw an answer to ryota09's growing forces, Sneaky homunkulus blocked to stay alive as long as possible. With the life totals standing at 3 to 21, it was looking unlikely that Sneaky homunkulus would make a comeback.

Sneaky homunkulus was able to prolong the game with back-to-back Whirler Rogues, but couldn't stop the onslaught of ryota09's hasty artifact creatures.

Congratulations to


for winning the Magic Origins Standard Championship Finals!

You can find ryota09's full winning decklist below.

ryota09's Finals Deck

Download Arena Decklist


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