Modern Decklist Blowout

Posted in Magic Online on June 1, 2015

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Modern Masters Weekend came to an end on Sunday, May 31, Modern Masters 2015 Edition events are going on now on Magic Online, and Preliminary Qualifiers for the Modern Festival are coming up on June 24. With all of the excitement around Modern, and a grand prize of one copy of every Modern-legal set for triumphing in the Modern Festival Finals, it's a great time to learn the Modern ropes if you haven't already.

But how does one begin to play Modern? How do you help Sally Standard and Larry Limited get into this exciting format? Let's ask the experts!

Conclave Phalanx | Art by Wayne Reynolds

Follow the links below to see expertly crafted Modern decks by some of the best Magic players out there. Decklists include the Modern decks used by the Top 4 2014 Magic Online Championship competitors and the winning deck from Standard Super League's special Modern week. We also have decklists from the top five players over the past several weeks in eight-player Modern 5-3-2-2 single-elimination queues. Remember, you can download all of these decklists by clicking this icon:

Then import them directly into Magic Online!

Put a few of these through their paces in the special Modern Constructed events that begin with the Wednesday, June 3, downtime. Get your practice in—you'll need it for the Modern Festival.

These decks are a great place to start with Modern and, once you get a feel for the format, there are 9,081 Modern-legal cards for you to experiment with, so get to playing!

Top 4 2014 Magic Online Championship Modern Decklists

2014 Magic Online Champion: Magnus Lantto

Magnus Lantto's Elf Company

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Second Place: Jasper De Jong

Jasper de Jong's Melira and Company

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Third Place: Aleksa Telarov

Aleksa Telarov's Burn - 2014 Magic Online Championship

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Fourth Place: Antonio Del Moral Leòn

Antonio Del Moral León's Splinter Twin - 2014 Magic Online Championship

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Owen Turtenwald's Winning Modern Week Standard Super League Decklist

Red-Green Tron

Tune in Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on for the next episode of the Standard Super League! Check at the same time to see the decklists that players will be using in the upcoming episode.

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Top 5 Player Decklists for Modern 5-3-2-2 Queues

These players won more 5-3-2-2 Modern Queues than anyone else on Magic Online over the course of the last three weeks. The rankings were neck-and-neck, with multiple ties for each rank. Without further ado, the decklists!

First Place

BECK1987's Affinity

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phanatv's Burn

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Zarutha's Amulet Bloom

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Second Place

adam jansen's Jund Midrange

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JackMitchellBurns's Bogles

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yoel42's Jund Midrange

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Third Place

FakeShaver's Living End

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Pijusmagnificus's Affinity

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tomy_vercety's Living End