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Posted in Magic Online General Resources on June 15, 2015

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Last October, we made a few changes to Magic Online’s reimbursement process. If you missed it, you can read Robert Schuster's write-up here. Since we made those changes, we have continued to listen and, as a result of your feedback, we are rolling out additional updates on Wednesday, June 17.

The Goal

Transparency for players is a top priority as we continue to work toward our goal of improving the quality and experience of Magic Online. As part of this effort, on June 17, we will begin publishing thorough troubleshooting reference pages and providing one-on-one assistance for complicated technical issues that result in a reimbursement.

We believe these changes will assist us in improving many areas of Magic Online and will result in a better experience for you.

What's Changing?

For the vast majority of Magic Online players, the reimbursement process updated last October will appear unchanged. However, troubleshooting references will now be more accessible for players to learn more about issues that lead to reimbursement requests—hopefully achieving a better understanding of underlying technical issues.

Everyone who contacts customer support will receive troubleshooting assistance, usually referencing one of a variety of resource pages on Perhaps a player encountered a bug on our Known Issues List. In addition to possible reimbursement, we will point them in the direction of our Bug Blog so that they can avoid other known issues in the future. Experiencing a repeated crash or connection problem? Our newly updated technical troubleshooting guide should be able to help!

In refining and updating existing online resources, our support specialists will be able to provide assistance on the most common technical issues as well as have more time to provide support for unique and custom troubleshooting.

This brings me to the biggest change in this update. Players who experience frequent issues and request multiple reimbursements will now be asked to complete a brief survey in order to provide us with better insight in their specific issue. This survey, combined with the player’s Magic Online history, will allow our team of support specialists to provide one-on-one technical support to determine the cause and resolution of their Magic Online troubles. While completing the survey will be prerequisite for receiving reimbursement for that request, the purpose of the survey is to provide us with assistance in troubleshooting repeated issues, not deciding if a reimbursement request is granted.

Commune with Nature | Art by Lars Grant-West

What Else Do I Need To Know?

Personalized support is fantastic, but what else do players need to know about this update?

By devoting more attention to each reimbursement request, there is a chance that it may take slightly longer for customer support to complete each request. Rest assured, your requests are being addressed. We ask for your patience and understanding while we all adjust to the new process. And remember, if you ever feel like a reimbursement request was wrongly denied, you may always contact customer service.

Players may also have reimbursement requests denied. Our customer support team's main role, as always, is to provide quality assistance to Magic Online players. Support specialists are empowered with the ability to deny reimbursement requests that are determined to be fraudulent or abusive of our Code of Conduct; this allows them to devote their full attention to supporting our players who are in need of assistance.

Long Story Short

The latest update aims to increase the quality of the Magic Online service by increasing technical support across the board, helping players resolve issues that lead to reimbursement requests, and providing long-term solutions for players instead of temporary fixes through more extensive troubleshooting references and one-on-one support.

We look forward to your feedback as we roll out these changes. Feel free to reach out to us via any of the avenues on our contact page, on Twitter @MagicOnline, or by sending an email to

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