Standard Super League Episode 2

Posted in Magic Online on August 18, 2015

By Randy Buehler

Standard Super League continues tonight with the second week of Group Stage play. Last week we saw some awesome games and some awesome decks. The standings are really going to start taking shape tonight as everyone plays the second of the three other players in their group.

Watch tonight, August 18 at 6:00 p.m. PT (UTC-7) for the newest episode of the Standard Super League!

Standard Super League decklists can be found here.

Last week’s biggest stories were probably a pair of beatdown decks. Paul Rietzl showed off a red-white deck that looks at first glance like a Heroic deck, but actually only has 5 Heroic creatures in it (he only likes the 1-drops). What his deck really is, is a Prowess deck. He’s got 25 spells, and all 15 of his creatures get better whenever he casts them.

Paul Rietzl's White-Red Prowess

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Sideboard (15)
2 Seeker of the Way 2 Ajani's Presence 1 Erase 1 Dawnbringer Charioteer 2 Monastery Mentor 2 Hushwing Gryff 2 Ride Down 3 Valorous Stance

Abbot of Keral Keep is definitely one of the best cards in Magic Origins, and that card’s power is what Paul is really looking to exploit here. His deck worked great in Week 1 as he crushed Owen Turtenwald. I know I’m not the only one looking to see whether this brew can keep winning ...

Meanwhile, over in the Streamer Group, Gaby Spartz showed up with Goblins! She mercilessly attacked Marshall Sutcliffe with a nearly endless supply of the little red beaters, and grew them to remarkable size via not just Obelisk of Urd, but also Hall of Triumph. The Obelisk meant Marshall’s “Esper Dragons” deck had to kill each and every Goblin she put into play and that just wasn’t possible.

Gaby Spartz's Goblins

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Interestingly, Gaby gets the same matchup again tonight as Paul Cheon also chose to run Esper Dragons—the only overlap amongst our 12 competitors.

While we’re here I have to give props to Andrew Cuneo for bringing by far the coolest deck to the (virtual) table: Pyromancer’s Goggles. He had quite a bad matchup against Gerard Fabiano (whose deck included 4 main deck copies of Sultai Charm to blow up the eponymous artifact), so the jury is still out on how good Andrew’s latest concoction actually is. We do get to watch it for (at least) two more weeks, and if his crazy Pro Tour Sphinx’s Tutelage deck (which then went on to win Grand Prix San Diego) taught us anything, it taught us not to judge Cuneo’s decks before putting them through their paces.

Andrew Cuneo's Goggles

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Tune in tonight to see how these storylines (and more) continue to develop! Note that there will not be a Super League show next week as we’re taking off Tuesday August 25th due to the Magic World Championship.

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