Standard Super League Episode 5 Recap

Posted in Magic Online on June 2, 2015

By Randy Buehler

Modern Week was a lot of fun and a great way to get warmed up for the historic Modern Masters Weekend that followed. Owen Turtenwald won the week with a red-green Tron deck that seemed to catch multiple opponents completely unprepared. His semifinal was close, but it was also a mirror match as Tom Ross also brought a Tron deck to the tables last week. In the finals, Gerry Thompson could only manage to take a game, and he needed a timely top-deck of his one copy of Ghost Quarter to pull that off. Owen has now won three of the five weeks we’ve had so far, and has taken a commanding lead in the standings:

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Owen may have won the tournament, but Deck of the Week honors have to go to the Pyro-Ascendancy combo deck brewed up by Josh Utter-Leyton. Plan A for the deck is to be a Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck, but unlike the Standard version of the deck which adds green in order to get mana creatures to “go off” with via Ascendancy, Josh relies on Fatestitchers, which he calls the best mana creatures ever since they come into play from the graveyard and also have haste when you unearth them for a single blue mana. Meanwhile, the deck also has a Plan B where it can go off storm-style with Pyromancer Ascension. There are no actual storm cards, and actually killing the opponent does require eventually playing a Jeskai Ascendancy and building up a Fatestitcher, but having the ability to generate nearly unlimited value through the Ascension is quite the Plan B. Ultimately Josh got kind of flooded in losing a 3-game match to Paul Cheon and his Grixis Delver deck, but Josh’s brew seems well worth trying out if you like combo and are looking for something new to pilot in upcoming Modern tournaments.

We now have three weeks to go, all of which will be Standard. After the end of Week 8, the Top 3 players will advance to the playoffs, with the regular season champion receiving a bye into the finals and number two playing against number three for the other spot in those finals. Both of those playoff matches will feature a best three out of five matches format, with each player bringing three Unified Standard decks to the table (other words, no more than 4 copies of a card (other than basic land, of course) can appear across all 3 of their decks.

With just three chances left to accumulate points, the guys at the bottom of the standings are really running out of time. Winning a week is worth 35 points, so they aren’t quite out of it yet, but with 1-5 records so far, Brad, Andrew, or Brian would probably need to make the finals in at least two of the last three weeks if they want to make the playoffs. Meanwhile Owen seems to have things pretty much locked up and it’s probably going to come down to a tight race between our other four players for those last two playoff spots.

Tune in Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on for the next episode of the Standard Super League! Check at the same time to see the decklists that players will be using in the upcoming episode.

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