Standard Super League Playoffs

Posted in Magic Online on September 8, 2015

By Randy Buehler

Tonight we crown a Super League Champion!

Watch tonight, September 8 at 6:00 p.m. PT (UTC-7) for the playoff episode of the Standard Super League!

Standard Super League decklists can be found here.

Last week’s show had a lot of great Magic, including four different “win-and-in” matches. The best one was certainly the slug-fest between two of the Top 4 players from the previous weekend’s World Championships: Sam Black (5) and Owen Turtenwald (6). Check this out! Game 2 is particularly sweet:

Once all the dust settled, here were the final standings from the Group Stage:

Gaby Spartz secured one of the two playoff byes due to her being the only 3-0 player in the league. Paul Rietzl and Gerard Fabiano both won their groups at 2-1 with five game wins against just two game losses so the second bye went all the way down to the fifth tiebreaker: Lifetime Pro Points! Gerard has quite a few, but Paul is the one in the Hall of Fame so he’s now the one who is through to the Top 4 and has already clinched a spot in the Super League Championship, which will start in October.

All 6 players have now submitted new decklists for use in the playoffs, and there are some sweet ones. I am particularly excited to see Rietzl’s choice of a Blue Devotion deck in action. Master of Waves hasn’t seen a lot of play since Khans of Tarkir rotated in, but maybe it’s got one last hurrah in it before Theros rotates out of Standard next month.

All five playoff matches will be played tonight, and that means next week we turn our attention to the Modern format. As announced during last week’s show, here are the eight players who will make up the inaugural season of the Modern Super League:

And don’t forget that the Super League Championship is coming up after Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar. Once we see who wins those first round matchups tonight, we’ll know over half the field.

See you tonight at 6:00 p.m. PT (UTC-7) on! For more information about Magic Online, please visit

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